GO Map - For Pokémon GO APK

GO Map - For Pokémon GO
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GO Map - For Pokémon GO 2.0.2 apk, update on 2016-10-01
Find rare Pokémon on Pokémon GO and share your discoveries !

- Evaluate the potential of your Pokémon
This functionnality will give you the individual values of your Pokémon

- Find all the Pokémon on a map
Discover all the Pokémon around you in a wink !

- Filter the map to find the Pokémon you are looking for.
Fill your Pokédex by knowing where to find !

- Find reliable Pokémon
Each Pokémon is associated with a reliability rate to be sure to find it.

Do not hesitate to send us feedback or remarks :

GO Map is driven by the community and depends on each other supports. Do not hesitate to upvote or downvote Pokémon around you. Pokémon with bad rates will be removed from the app.

GO Map is in no way affiliate with or endorsed by the Pokémon brand, Niantic or Nintendo. This app has been built by fans to help the community of Pokémon GO.

GO Map - For Pokémon GO APK reviews

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TryingToDissconectMyGoogleAccountToYoutube SHIT review TryingToDissconectMyGoogleAccountToYoutube SHIT
fake ratings
the reason this has 3.2 stars is becus u used fake accounts
Alicia Morton review Alicia Morton
Not useful
It appears to be just a map and cannot be used to look further than a block or two at most.
mukul kumar review mukul kumar
Worst app
It gives false location of pokemones.
Florian Dufour review Florian Dufour
Clone honteux
Il s'agit d'une repompe de PokéWeb go faite à la va-vite par Webedia pour tenter de vampiriser une partie du flux de visiteurs de PokéWeb go. Les cafards de Webedia, le cancer toujours prêt aux pires bassesses quand il y a quelques euros à ramasser dans la boue...
Hans Hoelzli review Hans Hoelzli
So bad
Don't waste your time
Chris West review Chris West
Not at all hepful
Marty Williams review Marty Williams
Needs a few things
Times pokemon are found pokemon are not always there, needs markers for common spawn area, uncommon, and rare. Some spawn points spawn a different pokemon every hour. Otherwise it's a good start update all of my pins were deleted not cool - 1 star
Aldahir Ventura review Aldahir Ventura
Some shit
This is fake it does not work at all pls do not install this app its trash
Rene Cadena review Rene Cadena
Does not work. Don't waist your time. Let me be the one to assure you, it's useless.
Michael Cusimano review Michael Cusimano
Don't believe everything you see, waste of time and download. Absolute trash
Ying Jie Kit review Ying Jie Kit
Not useful
Should have function to scout nearby appearance.
Tommy Low review Tommy Low
Markers Gone!!!
All Pokemons markers gone after update. Including mine. Bloody waste of time!!! Uninstalling it!!!
SecondHandGamer review SecondHandGamer
Useless app
Doesn't even show common pokes let alone rare Pokémans
Rookie Bro review Rookie Bro
It's not really working
There's a cloyster shown on the map in the same spot for weeks, there's only growlithes shown outside my country, it shows me a rattata and a zubat but not the gengar my pokenavi shows me. Then there are often server errors
Its a fake i try to find pikatchuit said that in our house but not