Glitch Video Effect & Trippy Effects Editor APK

Glitch Video Effect & Trippy Effects Editor
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Glitch Video Effect & Trippy Effects Editor 1.16 apk, update on 2018-02-22
Glitch Video Effect is the easiest app to add glitch effects to your videos in just a few clicks. Glitch video allows you to add glitch art fx and other trippy effects like a glitch wizard.

Simply import videos from your camera or gallery, then select from an array of glitche effects to generate glitch.

Save your video or share it via social media.

Become a great digital aesthetic glitch art creator with tons of different glitch camera fx and glitch effects.

Here are some of the fx you can expect from the app:

Create the illusion of corrupted files and data on your videos with the datamoshing fx.

Get the most dreaded BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH effect applied over your glitch art video and impress your friends.

Defective Pixels:
Make grainy and pixelated images with just 1 click.

Overlay your videos and gif with a grid effect to create impressive glitch art.

VHS Camcorder:
Apply the old tv scanline trippy effects to create that retro look on your videos

Pixel Art
Add small aesthetic pixel art gif effect to create unique combination of glitche effect

Glitch Wizard
Add random glitches and 3d glitch trippy effects to your videos

Glitch Video Effect Editor is the premium all in one tool for glitch art enthusiasts. So what are you waiting for? Download the app now while it's FREE!

Glitch Video Effect & Trippy Effects Editor APK reviews

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Ummmm,it's ok-? Not too bad. I mean, it's not good and it's not bad. The one glitch to make you look like a killer antisepticeye you have to pay for so oof. It's ok I give it a 3 or 4 I'd say go for it if you want some simple glitches for a part in a
Ashley Alfaro review Ashley Alfaro
Kills audio after rendering. Pointless. Also, delays video by milliseconds, corrupting the audio track, so it does not sync with video. Otherwise, great app. Just needs major improvements and testing.
Anas Ababou review Anas Ababou
Talk about glitch. This app is complete garbage charging 3 dollars for 10 miserable filters which when you try one, it takes forever to download the effect into your video and knew you wait forever for that to happen, you check your video ans there no sound. For my refund ans uninstall now. You dare charge 3 dollars for garbage
Daniella Gonzales review Daniella Gonzales
I think this app sucks! Whenever i try picking a picture that i want to edit it always goes to my homescreen and says something went wrong. Overall i don't think this is worth your time!
Ashek Ali review Ashek Ali
You got cool glitches but its totally ridiculous when all those audios are gone! I thought it was only one video but I ran quite a few and sadly to say, I'm fairly disappointed. I'll stick around if you can fix this issue. I don't know but it can't be my phone isn't it?
ILoveMyMom review ILoveMyMom
Honestly, I don't listen to comments but this is garbage at it's purest Yes It works Yes it has glitches No trippy effect Nothing like as displayed If you are looking to ruin a video look no further...
Jupiter Day review Jupiter Day
I paid $2.99 so that I would have no commercials and be able to see how this really worked. Everything worked great except when it came time to download and save. If it's only just a player showing what it could do and not letting me own my work that I paid for then what's the use? As an artist I was so excited just to have my dreams thrown in the toilet with all the goldfish that ever I loved. Can I get my damn money back?
pansexual bean review pansexual bean
i uninstalled after 10 mins on it. it has too many ads, it wont let me do some part of the dideo only all of it, it kept freesing on me. ugh i hated this app. dont de like me and read the reiews n then them saying it's suks, then downloading it. i was gonna use this to help make glithy musikallys. ut nnooo. DONT INSTALL THIS APP.
Bee A. review Bee A.
App is total garbage don't waste ur time. Wanted to put a glitch layer on my edit, but app never lets you save your vid, instead it just says rendering before crashing. Worthless. Shameful. Ew.
cyrus kellick review cyrus kellick
Absolute scam! I paid the full price to unlock all the features and get the watermarks removed and two days later its locked again and asking for me to pay to unlock it again! So you basically just stole from me you scum!
Vanilla Thundersnow review Vanilla Thundersnow
The app is fairly good. Only one of the glitch backgrounds doesn't completely obscure the video. My only complaint is that they made me review this in order to even finish prossesing the video
NSA ClickBait review NSA ClickBait
By far the best junk app out there! Excellent range of ads to view. From the constant scrolling bottom bar to the lighting quick full screen ad that loads with a speed like no other. If you wanted an app look elsewhere but if you want a rich ad viewing experience look no where else this app serves you all the ads you'll ever need. Oh the app does absolutely nothing with videos.... Except loads an ad after "rendering"
Karen Levels review Karen Levels
I just purchased this app and was very dissatisfied. The effect i wanted to use would freeze after a few seconds. I was looking for glitch transitions as tge description says but that was misleading, plus the app kept crashing. I would like my money back please
Really wasn't the best. I understand that you need ads to help other companies and get money, but the watermark was really not necessary. The same goes for the in-app purchasable effects. If you want to make money off of an app, give if some potential. I also couldn't correctly save my video. 2/5 stars. This app is kind of trash.
Tyree Smith review Tyree Smith
Effects freeze and compression issues of videos making them look low quality. Please fix the freezing issue after effect is applied to videos. Hope to see a fix real soon along with more awesome effects. Thanks.