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About this product

Set resolution for Pubg game with Gfx tool also provide gamer vpn

Gfx Tool & Gamers Vpn for PUBG description

Gfx Tool & Gamers Vpn for PUBG

Set resolution for Pubg game with Gfx tool also provides gamer VPN

Gfx tool & Gamer Vpn for Pubg- Game launcher & Optimizer

Gfx tool provides a free platform for all games to fully customize game graphics, game resolution & smooth gameplay as well as provide gamers VPN.

This app is specially developed for all game lovers, Pubg gfx tool provides free services game launcher and optimizer. Where gamers can easily customize and set game graphics, resolution, Fps GPU optimization.

Host Changer: Gamer VPN & Free VPN For All Games:

If you are a gamer and you are searching for free VPN for games and you need a fast & stable strange VPN to keep your gaming speed smooth, then you are on the right play. Download Gfx Tool & Gamers Vpn for PUBG from play store and enjoy to play your game with smooth play control.

How to use Gamers VPN & GFX tool for free?

Open Gaming Vpn App

Click on VPN button

To activate VPN & change host, click on the icon

Get host file from website click on the automatic script file

Select the host file from the device through this strange gaming VPN click on the script host file

Gfx tool for all games

Open Gfx tool app

click on gfx button

select game version

select what do you want to change

Key Feature of Gfx tool and Gamers Vpn for Pubg:

Automatic Script file
Manual script host file
Connect to Vpn
Set the optimal resolution for a game
Chose the best graphics for your device
FPS: unlock maximums FPS limit
Anti-aliasing: makes the texture smooth
styles: Choose your favorite color filter
Rendering Quality: Shaders, texture, etc
shadows: Enable or disable shadows
Show distance: Select the shadow distance level
Moving Shadow: Shadows of player and cars
Light effects: Disable for better performance
GPU optimization: Reduce useless effects
Sound Quality: fix and low volume issue
Save Controls: Save your settings, like sensitivity, etc

DISCLAIMER: Gfx Tool for Pubg is an unofficial application for PUBG. It is not associated with Tencent & PUBG Corporation. All rights reserved. In accordance with https://developer.pubg.com/tos?locale=en

Note: If you like our Gfx tool & Gamers VPN for Pubg, give your feedback in the comment section and for more suggestions or for new features want to be added to this app then contact us we will be happy to add a new thing.

Thanks for Downloading Our App
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