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Play casual games every day to win a giveaway with trust and love

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Fortune Island: Gift & Reward description

This is definitely the easiest way to get gift cards and real gifts!

Have you ever thought that you could get gift cards and real gifts, while you are commuting to work, on your lunch break, or just staying at home? Now it is all possible!

Fortune Island is an exciting giveaways app that we exclusively launched for our team’s 10th birthday. We are giving away over $10,000 in gift cards and real gifts to express our gratitude to all our customers.

This app allows you to get not only gift cards every day, but also epic giveaways such as TV, smart phones and laptop while on the go or in your spare time. Easy and quick!

Fortune Island Highlights:
• Simple, fun, relaxing games that everyone can play.
• Collect stars and gems. The more you play, the more you earn.
• Redeem your gems for rewards!
• Level up your building to unlock more exciting missions.
• Relax with chill background music.
• Claim your daily check-in gifts within games every day!
• Easy-to-use and a simple interface, user friendly.
• Play every day to get giveaways. No purchase necessary!

Giveaways Details:
• Real prizes worth over $10,000 are up for grabs.
• Gift cards from popular brands.
• New giveaways are added frequently with user-selected products.

How it works:
1. Complete missions
2. Collect gems
3. Win giveaways

That’s it!

Want to know more about Fortune Island?
Website: https://www.fortuneislandapp.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FortuneIslandApp

【Please notice】
*Fortune Island has no in-app purchases or deposits.
*Fortune Island does not cost real money.
*Fortune Island does not offer real money gambling.
*Fortune Island has been reviewed by a US law firm.
*Google is not a sponsor nor is involved in the operation process.

【Copyright Information】
All pictures used in screenshots, feature graphics and app have gotten authorization from its company or owner in advance, particularly from Freepik. Some of them are free license photos.

If there is any other question or advice, please contact us: [email protected]
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