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Fortress Legends 8.2.19672 apk, update on 2016-12-15
****We are aware of an issue that prevents installation if you don’t have a camera. We’re currently working on a solution and will release the update as soon as we can. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes any of you.

Thanks for your understanding. ****

Do you have what it takes to become legendary? In Fortress Legends, build a mighty, impenetrable fortress and repel intruders back from whence they came. Then, take revenge on their fortresses with powerful weapons and smash it to smithereens!

▼ ▼ FEATURES ▼ ▼

Combine forces with up to 3 friends and defeat foes in real-time. Intense multiplayer action and epic battles await when you play with friends.

Take full control of your hero and hack all of your enemies to pieces. Swing unstoppable weapons and cast the mightiest of spells to leave your opponent's fortress in rubble. Raid other players' fortresses and loot their hard-earned treasures.

Create a massive fortress full of dangers and dungeons. Set up deadly traps and summon diabolic creatures to defend your base. Collect gold, mana, and gems to upgrade your defenses and power up your minions of darkness and destruction.

Forge powerful new weapons such as Staffs, Broadswords, Bows, and Twin Blades! Level up your hero, skills, armor, and much more. Become the mightiest destroyer of fortresses.
What are you waiting for? Your LEGEND awaits...!

【Supported Devices】

[Supported OSes]
Android 4.0.3 Devices and up.

(1)The devices or OS versions we didn't list above are not supported so we can't guarantee how well they'll work.
(2)There are situations in which your device, network state and or location might interfere with how well the game will work even if the device is supported.

Fortress Legends APK reviews

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first name last name review first name last name
Its s poo awesome! U get to build a base with monsters and traps and even get 12 classes with skill trees amd levelling up! I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH! I just wish there was more character customization and a bigger population! So I hope we all spread the word
Ayush Rai review Ayush Rai
Even if you have a good Internet speed you will find a lot of random network issue while in a battle, so you will be kicked out of the battle and you loose points. Apart from this the loading time is massive.
krishna kumar review krishna kumar
It loads for very long time.
When I opened the game and when I selected the new game option it loaded for very long time so I hate it very much.
TyMonsterKiller 1230 review TyMonsterKiller 1230
Very good
At first I thought this game was bad and I was wrong it is a great game and a good time waster as well.
Jason Pineo review Jason Pineo
Decent enough game but...
Okay... I have some issues... 1. You put out an update for the game and my Character's Skin and hair colors change? If I wanted that skin and hair color I would have chosen that skin and hair color! 2. My friend CANNOT play because the game is not available for American Google, only Canadian?!? WHAT?? To me that is stupid. You would have had another person playing your game but because of that issue, she cannot. Fix these issues and I will give you 5 stars. Very disappointed right now...
Its great it seems fair to me, its great,,, well now my hardware doesnt support it,,, fun while it lasted,, gotta buy new tech lol
Dylan Paulin Eggink review Dylan Paulin Eggink
Love it
Best game ever
Mayank Sharma review Mayank Sharma
I am playing this game and its absolutely fascinating. I will get all upgrades in 1 month. So I will like to thank the developers for making this awesome game. Fascinating art style. Great chicks !!Tilki!!. Takes about 150 mb to download. I would like you guys to promote this game more and give us a little more access to talking feature in the coop battle like letting us write the comment. I am definately downloading next upgrade.
Helly Fire review Helly Fire
Good but not great
Ok first of all good game. Good combination of rpg and tower defend. The only problem is when you find room to raid other player. Anybody can join u even thought u lvl 20+ and the one join u is lv 1 to raid/revenge player lvl 34. The major problem is "room error" almost every time. By the way it's was good game and i will recomend it to who want try something new gameplay style
Johaman Jones review Johaman Jones
I couldn't wait to review this game!
Yes! A great download for anyone who is a fan of co-op RPGs or dungeon defense games. Reminds me a lot of Dungeon Hunter 5 but with a few notable exceptions. Chiefly, there's no campaign in the traditional sense, simply a single player challenge mode which rewards players with resources, and secondly, unlike DH5, you attack other players' fortresses in a group of 1-4 players; synchronously, not AI bots. So while not having as much content, it's still fun & easily accessible when you're on the go!
Jorge Moreira review Jorge Moreira
It's ok
Is good and have potential, but To many bluid waiting and energy based game. Ned also some balance on raid lvs. Most people like action,waiting ages get a bit boring. i suggest use some ideas from epic loot game
Anthony MIlls review Anthony MIlls
Screen rotation
All in all its a fun game. The only downside to the game that I've found is u can't rotate the screen to see ur player or fortress better. Other then that it's a fun time killing game.
Michael ThatVaperGuy review Michael ThatVaperGuy
Great game that could use minor tweaks.
I would love some tweaks to the friend system, its so easy to party up with random people but at the moment the friend code system makes adding people very tedious, especially when searching is just typing 18 exact numbers. I need a way to locate friends outside of the friend code. Telling my friend an 18# code is not a fun game experience.
Cris Colindres review Cris Colindres
I got my own dungeon...
Since, it's like disgaea... Overlord needs commander..or fav. pet to attack solo in coop mode.. Its easier to attack or conquer other realm..not match of a challenge... Add our own demon king..wahehehhee...
Aureus Paul review Aureus Paul
It's's diablo (3) mixed with other awesome stuff.. like half naked people....and you have a dungeon.. and dragon