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Fast Food Specials & Coupons
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Fast Food Specials & Coupons 5.0.4 apk, update on 2017-12-03
Food Coupons and deals at your favorite restaurants, updated daily - Download now!

Pizza Coupons and discounts at Papa Johns, Dominos, and Pizza Hut..
Fast food coupons for McDonalds, KFC, Carl's Jr, Taco Bell, Sonic, Jack in the Box, and Burger King...

Restaurants Coupons and deals include Applebee's, Chili's, Chipotle, Dennys, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Denny's, Outback Steakhouse, Bob Evans, IHOP, TGI Fridays, Ruby Tuesday, Wingstop

Sandwich Coupons and deals at Subway, Jersey Mikes and many more.

Give back! We donate and volunteer at local food banks.

"This app, BuyVia, is phenomenal!" - The Today Show
As seen in NY Times, Washington Post, CNN, Forbes, TechCrunch, and USA Today.


We have the best savings for your favorite restaurants including AppleBees's, Burger King, Domino's Pizza, McDonald's, Olive Garden, Papa Johns, Starbucks, and many others.

Find great food nearby plus save money too. Deals for 50,000+ local restaurants nationwide.

Food Coupons uses your location to find you the best coupons in your area for both well known Chains as well as local restaurants.

Get access to deals on Groupon, LivingSocial,, and more, all in one convenient app.

Read restaurant reviews and see mouth watering pictures from our San Francisco food blog.


•Find local coupons, printable coupons and special deals for nearby restaurants
•Share deals via email, and text

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Fast Food Specials & Coupons APK reviews

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Sam Tampa review Sam Tampa
A bunch of deals
Im hungry looking at the restaurants
Aleece Kwan review Aleece Kwan
Quick and easy! Lots of great coupons for pizzas, burgers, and other quick meals. Fantastic if you want to save some bucks!
Jill Forzstek review Jill Forzstek
Rally nice app
This us a nice application you can pick and chose
Nathan Phelps review Nathan Phelps
Horrible app
Doesn't work
Joshlin Parker review Joshlin Parker
Great coupons
Myra Boyd review Myra Boyd
I love this app! Being on very low budget and disabled , i need information on saving money and deals for food. Thank you so much!
A Google user review A Google user
Great selection of fast food in your local area. As far as whether it works or not.......not sure, I haven't used it yet. But, my husband did and he loves it. Now my husband doesn't use coupons . Even when I give them to him when he goes to the grocery store he doesn't use them. It must be good if he is using it. He likes that you don't need to download different apps for each restaurant. I can't give it 5 stars until I use it myself, though.
Tei Takenaka review Tei Takenaka
The app does not only tell you to rate the app but also tell you to give it 5 stars in exchange for $100 Amazon gift card. So all these reviews are fake. I tried the Carl's Jr. app and it didn't work. Also looked at several other coupons and most didn't have real discounts. Google should ban this app.
Ryan NLN review Ryan NLN
Real App
Solid real coupons
Betty Jo Doney review Betty Jo Doney
Well it asked me to write a review within 1 minute of opening the app. ALL these apps that continuously ask for reviews before anyone can even register or play is really RIDICULOUS. JUST SAYING. This app could be great but I wouldn't know. APP DEVELOPERS--- ASK FOR A REVIEW AFTER APP HAS BEEN OPENED AT LEAST 5 TIMES, AFTER 1 WEEK OF REGISTERING, ETC. Fix that and I will gladly give an HONEST REVIEW. 1 * STAR
robert moreno review robert moreno
Awesome App
This app is amazing. Keep up the good work!
Nellie Belly review Nellie Belly
Good app, didn't ask immediately for my review and I'm giving four stars regardless of my doubts that ill be entered in any giveaways. Good app, does what it says, and covers more than I thought it would.
Risa Anderson review Risa Anderson
Too new to rate yet
A Google user review A Google user
Haven't tried to see if coupons actually work, but has so many coupons to alot of restaurants, hope they work, would save alot.
jennett marie review jennett marie
Great app