Foko Retail 2.0 APK

Foko Retail 2.0
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Foko Retail 2.0 5.3.2 apk, update on 2020-10-18
Foko Retail is the mobile-first communication tool that helps you bring your in-store vision to life. Our retail task management and store communication platform is used by 60+ leading retailers to stay in touch with their teams and focus on daily priorities.

With Foko Retail’s engaging and easy-to-use communication and task management software, team members get instant access to internal communications, an overview of what’s happening, and information they need to get the job done, wherever they are in the world.


• Assign tasks and store audits to team members and give instant feedback
• Send mobile surveys, poll users in posts, and collect information straight from stores
• Easily share the latest standard operating procedures with specific groups or users
• Access detailed analytics on store performance and insights into areas of improvement


• Get total visibility with two-way communication between stores and superiors
• Gauge compliance and get things done fast with customizable surveys and tasks
• Immerse your team in brand standards and boost employee engagement by sharing best practices and engaging with users
• See an overview of upcoming and overdue tasks at login with a personalized dashboard


• Send messages between HQ, regional, field, and store teams in real time, so everyone stays in the loop
• Share announcements, news, and company updates with the whole team or specific groups
• Upload documents, files, and folders for storage and easy sharing within your organization
• Limit what each user can view and interact with based on region, job type, geolocation, or other criteria

Whether it’s on a mobile device, tablet in-store, or desktop at HQ, Foko Retail is available wherever work needs to happen.