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Flash alert for all notification, flash notification on call from flashlight app

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Flash App - Flash Alert description

Have you ever found yourself trapped in darkness, struggling to find your way? Or been in urgent situations where you needed an LED flashlight but couldn't locate one?

With the Flashlight app - all your issues are solved. Flash Alert is an application that provides torchlight on your phone when there is an incoming call or message, notification.

🔥Features of the call flashlight app

✅Flash notification/Flash alerts: Experience incoming calls, messages, or app notifications through blinking flashlight signals, even when your phone is on vibrate or silent mode. This feature ensures you never miss an important update, even in noisy or quiet environments.

✅Customize flashlight when incoming calls and text: Personalize the torch flashlight function for individual apps according to your preferences. Choose specific strong flashlight patterns for incoming calls and text messages from different contacts or apps.

✅Adjustable brightest flashlight Speed: Customize the sos flashlight call blink speed such as quickly or slowly when there's an incoming call, message, or notification. This personalization feature allows you to match the pace that suits your style and needs.

✅Set Timer for torch light: Automatically turn off flash notification on call and texts, flash alert for all notification with this timer feature.

✅Pause led flashlight during Phone Use: Prevent flashlight disturbances during phone use by enabling this option, even when notifications or calls come in.

✅Battery-Saver Mode: Automatically stop led flashlight functionality when your battery is low, conserving power. Set a minimum battery level for the auto-off feature.

📌Why should you use this led flashlight app?

⚡ Friendly interface, easy to use with simple operations.
⚡ Multi-language support to enhance the user experience.
⚡ Turn your phone into a super bright flashlight with 1 tap
⚡ Never miss important calls or messages
⚡ Smart flash alert, battery friendly, wasn’t flash light when you’re using your phone
⚡ Easily find your phone in dark corners with bright flashlight
⚡ Flash notification for all with customized speed of frequency

Don’t miss any calls and messages with this array of features incredible and practical from the flash app. Experience bright flashlight app to ensuring that you have the perfect illumination solution for various situations

If you have any questions about your flash alert app, don’t hesitate to contact us immediately. We will reply as soon as possible. Thank you for using this flash notification app.
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