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Fish Live 1.5.5 apk, update on 2019-08-05
Fish Live is the game for all fish lovers! Raised a fish lately? Play Fish Live and raise, feed and breed your own lovable fishes!

By playing this game you may find yourself hopelessly addicted to feeding and caring for adorable fishes, decorating your tanks with exotic tropical plants, and inviting others to view them in your own glorious tank.

Furthermore you can mix and match your fishes to make your own special fishes, e.g. ORANGESWING + YELLOWFEST = ?

- Dozens of adorable fishes to raise including sharks
- Fish come alive in your tank with awesome 3D animations
- Let your imagination run wild with hundreds of decorations, plants and backgrounds
- Simple and easy-to-use tap interface
- Beautiful and detailed graphics
- Visit, clean, feed your friends fishes and level up to become 'top' neighbors

Important Notice: If you want to switch devices, please bind your Facebook account with the current device first, and then login in your new device through Facebook Login. DON'T uninstall the game before binding Facebook account. Thanks.

Fish Live APK reviews

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Diana Blomquist review Diana Blomquist
Down loaded the game and I have someone else's profile. Happened with my daughter too. Please fix want my own game and profile and do my own task not someone else's.
Pauline Desrosiers review Pauline Desrosiers
Best game ever. Very hard to put it down. I recomend this game to everyone. Thank you for fixing issues with this game. This app is working great.
Braeden Quance review Braeden Quance
This game used to have events around each holiday... but have had it on new device since June and never had any events. Is there no one behind the scenes anymore for this game?
Ali Aslan review Ali Aslan
Fish live
I am happy now they transferred my old fish like to my new phone thank you get an update as well it would be better as well thanks
Lori Mulchaey review Lori Mulchaey
Their major flaws in this game
If you ever break whenever you're playing with it on or lose your account temporarily to the game and after reinstall don't think that being hooked up to Facebook will save all your progress because it doesn't and when you ask them for help on it they tell you they can't find your screen name so after 4 months I lost everything don't trust it and don't get too addicted to the game like I did
A Google User review A Google User
love it!!!
i couldn't wait for mermaids why can't we breed the mermaid and merman but its to hard to make money for it why ant it coins not fare and why is does it stop at the shark we can't get no more fish or any more tanks really love it i even got my husband hook and my sister. but theres a few complants. need to give more money from bubbles an we need more breeding fishes less he's tho also we need. to move our plants or rocks to other tanks _but can't. help
Faith Padrino review Faith Padrino
I love this game but maybe you shouldn't make mostly everything about the money. sell more stuff for coins
Dave R review Dave R
This is my third time with this game. It is really getting boring. No events or new fish in long time. You use to have events at least five times a year. Only one this year. I'm in the hundreds level again but thinking about deleting game.
Joan James review Joan James
More Updates Needed
I enjoy this app, actually paid real money into it but you NEED to have some new updates! Way too long in between.
Harvey Aleno review Harvey Aleno
Simple but so nice and cute. User friendly. More features to come on this apps pls.
abby packer review abby packer
Love it but
I did my free spin and won an aligator.. it was a black block.. and now its gone.. can you please fix this?
Christine Bolle review Christine Bolle
Used to be so into this app :(
I have started over 3 or 4 times. I was on level 75.....ONCE......I had all kinds of fish, plants, $, tanks, breeding tanks and over 50 friends....NOW....I start over FOR THE LAST TIME....!
Katie Dowling review Katie Dowling
Love the games you should really get it I already have at least 20 fish
Hailey Hellam review Hailey Hellam
Fish live
You take care of fish and you feed them and clean the tank you buy fish to if I love it yu would to
ryan lee review ryan lee
I love this game but it gets boring after a while need to add some new fish or do something