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Be the survivor & survive the zombie horde! Casual Time-survival Roguelike Game

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Final 5: Survival! description

Final 5 is a game that combines fast-paced shooter gameplay with melee combat and survival elements in an apocalypse setting. It offers a thrilling adventure full of action and RPG elements, enhanced with roguelike and roguelite features.
Experience an adrenaline rush like never before as you mow down thousands of zombies!

There's no place else to run or hide, survival is your only goal. Can you survive the zombie apocalypse and become the last survivor? Are you able to save the world from destruction?

Tik tok…5 MINUTES....Tik tok….Can you save the world in only 5 MINUTES? All you can do is try to survive, hunt and defeat the boss or die trying to give humanity a second chance.
• One-handed 2.5D survivor gameplay
• Short, fast and casual play sessions for busy players
• Variety of game modes: Normal, Hard, Endless
• Beat the competition and rise to the top of the leaderboard
• Intense battles against powerful bosses
• Unique abilities and skills for all heroes
• Upgrade weapons to deal higher damage
• Randomised item drops and power-ups throughout the game
• A variety of power-ups and upgrades to unlock as you progress through the game

Join the action here today!
Discord: https://discord.gg/final5
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/final5official/ or search “Final 5”
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/final5_official/

The world is now swamped with massive hordes of mutants, zombies and rampaging robots, and their goal is to wipe out all of humanity! It’s up to you, our hero, to save the world!

Many challenges lie ahead of you, but fret not, the Clockwork system will aid you in this quest to save humanity from destruction! Make use of the Clockwork system to rewind back time, right the wrongs, improve your tactics and weapon combinations and shoot your shot at saving the world again!

There are various classes of heroes to join you on this epic adventure in Final 5. You can choose to be a core or tank hero such as an Archer, Soldier, Samurai, Assassin, Vampire or become a unique hero like a Rockstar, Cyborg, and many other heroes are waiting for you to unlock.

Choose to wield deadly weapons like the bow and arrow, shotgun, plasma mine and katana OR defend yourselves with everyday items such as UV Lamps, Cue sticks, and Electric guitars. You can even fight through hordes by doing a Hadouken; the possibilities are endless! Play with a bow and arrow, heavy bow with heavy arrow ammunition, crossbow, guns or other bizarre weapons. Upgrade through battles, combine and strengthen different skills, and fight your way to become the strongest of all!

The world is on the brink of destruction.
A few months after the outbreak, the Tusten Tower became the last refuge for human beings.
However, a tidal wave of zombies and other mutant creatures broke through the defenses and attacked the building.
The fortress was lost, and a refuge no longer.
You have no other option but to retreat to the roof.
But before being overwhelmed by the tide of corpses, the Clockwork System, a prototype on your wrist, is activated.
Time quickly rewinds, and the Tusten Tower returns to its original state as it was 5 MINUTES ago.
Armed with nothing else but together with the Clockwork System and your trusty bow and arrow, you are now granted 5 MINUTES to save the world!
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