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Help you to find out unused files with robust and user-friendly File Explorer

File Explorer: Find Unused description

Key features of the file manager encompass:
1. Hidden File Viewing: Discern files concealed by the system to gain a more comprehensive insight into storage usage.
2. Categorization: Arrange files into distinct categories based on their formats, facilitating precise perusal and exploration of files.
3. File Oversight: Examine storage statistics and effectively manage all folders housed within your device.
4. Quick File Retrieval: Expedite file searches by inputting relevant keywords.
5. FTP Integration: Seamlessly connect to your Android device's storage from a computer via FTP, thereby enabling file management.

Incorporated within this application are provisions to:
- Preview files directly from the list.
- Execute actions like opening, copying, cutting, deleting, and renaming files.
- Unveil concealed files residing on your device.
- Search for files by their names.
- Facilitate file sharing with other applications through the utilization of this file manager.
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