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About this product

This file compressor can zip & unzip files RAR, 7z, zip files in a flash

File Compressor - Unzip Files description

If you need to move many files or very large ones, then zipping them may be the best way to go. File Compressor - Unzip Files is a great app allowing you to compress files and unzip files fast, and share files quickly.
Download this Unzip Files app and open RAR files quickly on your phone
☁️ Compress files
This File Compressor can compress files such as images, audio, files, and more. Imagine that you have so many photos to share with your friend after your trip, and sharing single pictures would be hard to track. You can compress your pictures to zip file and share them easily using this app
📀 Unzip files
You can unzip files RAR, 7z, BZIP2, GZIP, TAR, WIM, XZ, and any zip files easily without opening your computer. This Unzip Files app lets you open and view unzipped files anywhere, any moment you want, therefore, it enhances your working productivity.
☁️ Organize files with smaller storage
You can compress files into a single archive if you have a large number of them that you don't plan on using anytime soon. File Compressor compresses them and organizes them into a zip file that you can simply locate and utilize. Because certain files on your phone can be rather large, compressing them into a single zipped file can substantially reduce both the amount of storage you require and the difficulty you may have in finding them.
👍 Share file easily
A file zipped in an archive will be smaller than the original version. This makes sharing the zipped file as an attachment to someone else over the Internet a lot easier, especially when some websites have a limitation for how large a file you can send through them.
📚 Rename your files
After compressing files or unzip files, you can change the name of your files the way you want. Thus, you can store and find your files quickly next time.
🔒 Lock files
This Unzip Files app lets you set password to protect your zip files. Your important file can be well protected

Download this File Compressor for free

★ Easy to use
★ Compress all files such as images, audio, and more
★ Unzip files quickly: ZIP, 7Z, RAR, BZIP2, GZIP, TAR, WIM, XZ
★ Rename files
★ Share files easily
★ Set password

If you have any questions about this app, don't hesitate to contact support email: [email protected]

Thanks for downloading File Compressor - Unzip Files.
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