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Fika is a female-focused AI social & dating app that has skyrocketed up the list on app stores since its debut in 2020. Fika prioritizes users’ safety and has only 100% verified users via a selfie photo submission. Using innovative AI (Artificial Intelligence), Fika matches users most suitable for each other. Use Fika to find friends, date or network - we’re the all-in-one app for your social life!

What Makes Fika Fun & Fierce?

**NEW Fika Personality Test: Who am I? Isn’t this the eternal question we’re all trying to answer? Fika’s New Personality Test is here to help answer this question. Find out if you’re an Introvert, Extrovert, Thinker, Feeler and other personality traits that will help you to better understand yourself so you can find your ideal match. Take this fun, quick test to find out who you are.

** NEW Discovery Screen: Now there’s a better way to view user photos and profiles, making it easier to match.

** 100% Real Users: No fake profiles allowed, ever. Fika AI social & dating app guarantees complete safety to all users.

** Don’t Know What To Say First?: Don’t worry, we’ll break the ice for you. When you match with a person, we’ll suggest cool, funny lines that’ll get the conversation started.

** Fun Messaging: Sometimes a sticker says a thousand words. Fika's cute stickers in our chat feature let you send messages and stickers at the same time.

** Chat Streaks: This is where being a chatterbox has its rewards. Gain points the more you chat with someone. We won’t tell you to shut up here!

** Challenges & Achievements: Every day, Dating App Fika sends your mini-challenges and you get points for each completed challenge.

Fika is a high-quality social platform that enables you to easily connect to make new friends, date, network and expand your social circle through meaningful connections. Fika has unique and safe features that are designed to help you feel comfortable connecting online. We’ve got your back, so go ahead and swipe.

Fika AI social & dating app is a young, dynamic app that always strives to be better and continually updates with newer, better versions every month. We always listen to our users, constantly striving to develop the best app for everyone.

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