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Face Changer Video
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Face Changer Video 5.9 apk, update on 2016-08-11
Face Changer Video lets you easily change and animate faces in photos by adding funny animated objects on top of the picture. The people in the photo can move and talk.

It's easy to create funny animated photos:

Select a mouth
Record yourself and change the voice to one of the funny voices.
Add animated objects Anything from popping eyes to a hammer and an animated bump on the head.
Touch ups smudge the image to make faces skinnier or fatter, add text, and much more
Share the video you’ve created with friends.
Tablet support

Face Changer Video APK reviews

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Sime Hudson review Sime Hudson
Only given a four, would gladly give a five star rating if and when you fix it so we can used the teeth part of the app. Until then it will stay 4
spirituality and science review spirituality and science
amazing app because it provides png stickers which can speak.. but if you put text to speech converter for speaking, it will be more good and attractive... and one thing, please include more stickers like those...!!!
L L review L L
The face changer itself and mouth position are cool. What sucks is that when you go to record a voice you can record but on playback as well as sending the video, no sound at all! Pointless.
Kristina Marie review Kristina Marie
I am removing this app as it no longer works with my newer phone. Your last revision shows 2016... why did you stop updating an app that worked and did what it advertised? The last time I used this app was on an older phone and it was so fun! If you want me back (and my followers too) update it and make the audio work. You had a good thing and didn't keep up with it.
Zarius Landman review Zarius Landman
The app is a bit outdated, when compared to the possibilities of such an app. Lip sync is awful, speech unrealistic. Not a good option for me, as I am searching for realism.
Tammy Killough review Tammy Killough
Piece of junk. It records fine.. But the audio disappears when you share. Junk junk junk.. Don't waste you time!!
Matt sullivan review Matt sullivan
When I hold the button and and record and then let off the character moves his mouth but you cannot hear my voice. I've been trying to work with this for an hour and it does not work
Mike T review Mike T
It would be cool if you could save what you create. And the should fix the Facebook upload problem. It freezes and you have to Uninstall it
A Google user review A Google user
Eeeeee so funny when you add to silly photos x girls at work are creased x
A Google user review A Google user
Harsher than that is not sure that the way you have any questions or any attachments may also be a few days to see you can get a lot of the way you are not sure that I am so I am so that happy,
A Google user review A Google user
This app is not working if I make a voice and give it on a person so in middle of video lips only move and no sound please do somethind
Gabriel Parquette review Gabriel Parquette
"WAAAAAAHHHH! It doesn't upload to Facebook it crackles. My vagina hurts." It's just a fun little app shut up
Hand Craft review Hand Craft
Fakeeee Teri and then you can get a few months ago and then you are the new York and the new York city and then you can you can you are not sure thatm I have can can am have a bit more of this is a lot of the
Michael Anderson review Michael Anderson
If you try to save video and it's all scrambled, then go to the app settings (three bars in top left, select Settings) & turn off Video Acceleration. Then video will save & you can share it from Gallery.
Kosta Tsouroupakis review Kosta Tsouroupakis
For some reason I'm not able to listen to my voice over so I has to reinstall the app.