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Exploration Lite 2.0.0 apk, update on 2018-09-13
Build your own base, mine, castle or whatever you imagine!

Exploration is a game - editor which allows you moving, building and transforming the terrain in the 3D environment.

Inspired by Minecraft game.

*** NOTE ***

1. Exploration Lite is a free version of Exploration game.

2. The full version of the game allows save and load game state.

Exploration Lite APK reviews

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Rosa Cx review Rosa Cx
Its nice but.
How do u get it to turn back into day ? Plz help ?
Madison Hall review Madison Hall
Almost 5
U need a saving tool. I don't like loosing my wonderful creation just because I turn off my phone
Anya Mcghee review Anya Mcghee
This game is a pile of crap i mean you spend all day making the best thing ever and you turn of you ipad for to seconds and in these two second your hard work i smashed into infanant pieces FIX THIS ?
Neyda Salas Ramos review Neyda Salas Ramos
Kinda like it
It's okay but I don't like how when you exit out of the game it erased all your buildings so they should fix that
Sid Young review Sid Young
Sure it's ok I geuss
When I first stared I was on island With two tress and that's all there was so I had to spawn again and it wasn't like the other one but I was wondering if this was a island.
Tyrone Christie review Tyrone Christie
Make it save
I would give it five stars coz it fun.but please put a way that we can at least save our buildings coz I hate it when I leave and come back my stuff is gone. So I will give u five stars if u change it a little
Michelle Cheng review Michelle Cheng
Firstly...I agree with Alexis Haas.....I keep having to redo worlds...and it's annoying....secondly....there r too many buttons to figure out to do things...like how to SAVE WORLDS!!!!But also how to fly and delete things.....but i liked that we could turn off and on things....it's like living irl....sorry if I was mean...not a hater...?
Marshelle Mattin review Marshelle Mattin
Would rate five stars but theres no save button so its no point in playing also needs animals and sound
Dont get
Emjay Ilagan review Emjay Ilagan
I know how to save prog
Do not remove the app so that it will be saved
Winsen Yang review Winsen Yang
I have made 5 gigantic houses but I cannot save the progress you should make a save button before making this game
Mlpfimmsp AJ review Mlpfimmsp AJ
Plz add a save button bc it took me 2 days to make my village and villa holidays in the water.If u add a save button thx and I give u 5 star
Ariela du PLessis review Ariela du PLessis
Save button?
Maybe you can give me one cause I worked really hard to make a good house and it got deleted. I will give 5 satrs when you do.
EditingSchool review EditingSchool
Save button!
Please put a save button in this game cause I built a house but I accidently pressed the home button and when I entered the app again, everything was gone! I would rate 5 stars if you fix this please!
Andy Nguyen review Andy Nguyen
Please add 2 more things
It's great but please add a save button and add more stuff on it like everything on minecraft.
James Plumley review James Plumley
Save please
Why anyone would develop a game and not include a way to save the players progress beats me. This game is absolutely pointless. I and my kid like it very much but why would we want to spend time working on it and then loose IT ALL?! Its pointless to play until there is a way to SAVE.