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Play Free! oldschool 2D open world MMORPG. Fight BOSSES, make friends and more.

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Eternal Quest: MMORPG description

Play together with your friends and other players from your PC or Mobile. Choose a profession and craft epic items starting at level 10, fight raid bosses in global server events that occurs 4x a day. Fight other players in a fast paced action PVP combat and explore a beautiful fantasy open-world.

- Eternal Quest is a cross-platform MMO and you can play on mobile or PC using the same account on the same server as everyone.

- You can create your own guild to make the game even more fun and play together then.

- Eternal Quest has a competitive event every 3 hours and players are separated in 2 teams (red and blue) to fight and get rewards.

- A random boss will respawn 4x every day and everyone online can join the battle against it.

- You can choose between three training modes: EXP Focused, Balanced and AXP Focused
- If you want to evolve your base level, you can focus only in EXP, that means 100% of monsters EXP will be used directly on your character's level
- If you want to evolve your attributes, you can focus only in AXP (Attribute XP), that means 100% of monsters EXP will be used on your character's attributes, like Power, Toughness, Agility, Precision and Vitality
- And If you want to evolve both, you can choose the balanced mode, where 50% of monsters EXP will be used on your base level and the other 50% will be used on attributes

- Fight other players starting at level 25. The game have different area types, some are PVE and other are PVP that allows players to start a fight between theirselves.
- Any unjustified kill, the player will get a "PK" status and will need to reduce some karma points by killing monsters in order to remove it.
- After 7 unjustified kills, the player will get a "Outlaw" status and will need to do a redemption quest in order to remove it.

- At level 10 you can choose a profession to start your crafting journey.
- The profession are: Blacksmith, Armorsmith and Alchemist
- Blacksmith can forge weapons, shields and ammunitions
- Armorsmith can create all armor pieces for all classes
- Alchemist can create magic items and scrolls, normally used to upgrade items and enchant skills

- Learn new skills purchasing or dropping spellbooks
- Enchant your skills and get a cooldown time reduction on them

- You can boost an item up to +21 and everytime the item will get strong. It can be done to weapon, shields, ammunitions and armors
- You can also upgrade the level of an item, so if you have an previously boosted item you can keep using it on a higher level

- Complete quests that will help on your character evolution and evolve your mastery level
- Daily Tasks will grant you items that you need to craft powerful epic items

🙋🏻‍♂️ PARTY
- Share EXP playing alongside with your party.
- Get EXP bonuses for each different classe you have on your party
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