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Escaping the Prison 1.2.2 apk, update on 2016-06-22
Henry's latest bank heist ended badly and now he's in prison! Fortunately he's received some reinforcements in the form of a cake-package. Help him make the right choices and escape from the prison, or choose the wrong options and laugh at the results.

-Find all 18 unique fails!

-With three endings you can escape quietly, or blast your way out!

-Made the wrong choice? You can easily retry any choice and attempt to succeed!

-Nine achievements will have you hunting for that sweet satisfaction of finding the secrets!

**Requires Adobe Air**

Escaping the Prison APK reviews

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Buu j review Buu j
Hi guys it's me Henry Stickman I hope you like my new game who am I kidding he's been here for like 2 years or 3 . Help me break out of prison. This sentence is fake.
Hassan Aboulsaoud review Hassan Aboulsaoud
I realy love it ??? and guys dont hate it is so hard to make a game not his problem i made a game on roblox it was so hard i even hardly got 2 likes on it
Sasha Stewart review Sasha Stewart
This game very nice when your bored ,when want to escape something this game just cheer me up thank for making this game it was really what I needed thank you
Samuel2008 Sam review Samuel2008 Sam
So good.You get to choose what you do and a YouTube guy called popularmmos plays this and he thinks it's great to.By the way I'm his fan and I'd recommend him to anyone reading this.
Tyler J review Tyler J
It's a great game I have a lot of fun playing this
Carman Edwards review Carman Edwards
I really love this game and the other two games that goes with these game but I really wish it was longer and I wish they were more stickman games like this. I especially like the stealing the diamond it was so hilarious.
Larrytube12 review Larrytube12
Shut up hating the game. Your all being jealous. Its way better than that.
Amazing Toast review Amazing Toast
I absolutely love this game! Even after going through all the endings and fails, i keep replaying it over and over again! It was totally awesome! Its so clever and funny!
Artist Wolf Lps review Artist Wolf Lps
It freezes up after one click.. and they changed on of the best background songs to trash because these people didn't create the game.. just tried to attempt it. Then this weird pattern block got stuck on his head for the rest of the game and I lost interest...
Christy Stillwell review Christy Stillwell
Cute Graphics and story BUT....
I literally solved it IMMEDIATELY! I selected the right item from the cake and the right 2nd item, so I never got to do anything but watch him be free and then the credits came up. I suppose I could go back and "play" again, selecting other items I know are NOT correct, just to see a silly outcome, but what's the fun in that? I can watch comedy central or a movie on TV that doesn't eat up data or battery life. Only those with no common sense will play for a while. It's much too easy. Sorry, not sorry. :(
Weebotrash 101 review Weebotrash 101
Good, but lacks content
I liked this app, I liked the since I first heard about it, some of the joke are great, the fails can be hilarious, and the endings feel rewarding; ONE PROBLEM: too short. I literally completed the game 100% in 15min FLAT. Oh well, the sequels do give us much more content *AHEM* Fleeing the Complex *AHEM*, but this game is still fun and unlike the sequals IS FREE. (Seriously, Stickpage?)
Starlight Animations review Starlight Animations
If you use the jetpack then it has a fake fail, and it's really long, but it only gives you a few seconds to read it. Well, if you want to know what it says, take a screenshot when it appears, then look at the screenshot and read the text. This game is not LAAAAAAAMMΜMMMMEEEEEEE
John Bentley review John Bentley
While the game was fairly short, it was also very well done. I think many of the reviews saying it was boring or saying they "beat it in five minutes" didn't get the point of the game. The point of the game is more about seeing all the different possibilities rather than winning. For this reason it's mostly a matter of whether or not you enjoy the creator's sense of humor which I greatly enjoy. Nothing about this game is perfect, but nothing is bad either. All in all this is an awesome series of games.
Bob The Leader review Bob The Leader
I ♥ it! I just GAMED for 55minutes & then UNINSTALLED it after I FINISHED all the OPTIONS
A Google user review A Google user
It was a very simple game took less than 5 minutes to do its an OK game but it needs to be more challenging