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Egg Baby 1.26.03 apk, update on 2016-06-29
WE'RE MOVING! We're packing all the Eggs and moving them to our all new game, Egg! If you think Egg Baby (R) is cool, you'll LOVE playing Egg! It’s Cute Overload with Egg Baby®, the ultra cute, fun, and addictive pet game that everyone's talking about! Eggs are like real pets that need lots of attention and care. Feed, wash, tickle, and put your egg to bed every day to keep it happy and healthy and it will GIVE YOU COINS. A healthy egg is a wealthy egg - keep the meters all green and your egg squeaky clean! Don't forget, these cuties also love dressing up, reading books, and playing mini games (another great way to earn some coins)! The way you raise your egg matters! Everything you do with it helps it develop its own personality. Depending on its personality, it hatches into different animals that hang out in your backyard and give you gifts! Can you collect them all? Be careful though—if you don’t take good care of your egg, it can get sick, or even die! HOW TO PLAY EGG BABY - Adopt your pet egg from a variety of adorable Egg Types! - Dress up your egg in a huge selection of cute and embarrassing outfits that they have no choice but to love! - Take care of your egg: Feed, Clean, Tickle, and put your egg to bed or it will get lonely (and die). - Play with your (MINI GAMES, YAY!) and keep it alive, happy and healthy until it's ready to hatch! - Each Egg Type hatches into 6 DIFFERENT CREATURES based on its personality! HOLY HATS THAT'S A LOT OF CREATURES! It would be really impressive if you collect them all! - Keep creatures in your backyard and they'll give you gifts to help you raise an adorable little army of EGG FRIENDS. -Don’t forget to check out the EGGVERSE to visit your friends’ houses, eggs, and creatures! In the Eggverse, eggs give you gifts when you tickle them! Need more help? Maybe some handy tips? Visit us online at: We are very friendly. We are also on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter: @eggverse Download and see if it's all it's hatched up to be! Hehehe.

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kayleigh Wydner review kayleigh Wydner
So freaking adorable, must download !!! Great game for anyone. The eggs are so cute, but they are so picky! You can dress up your egg however you want. Great game. NEVER listen to anyone who says this game is bad! I think they are wrong. And I am only 10 years old. Please get this game.Thank you.
Aaliyah review Aaliyah
First glitch since 2013 ?
Everytime I log on to this app, I can't get into my mushroom house! I've had this app ever since it came out and this is the first actual problem. I tried accessing to my house through the backyard and it still doesn't work. I have shut down and restarted my tablet several times, but nothing happens. It has been several days, and I'm sure my eggs have died. It is a very huge waste of money for me too because I have almost zero coins and I started with way more! Please fix and I will be very grateful!!
Keen review Keen
So cute! I would buy more if it was cheaper. $20 for the haunted house, $20 for ticket expansion, etc. Too much. Edit: some achievements will not be awarded even though you fulfill the requirements. Since this is a big part of the game, and the only way to get one of the types of eggs, it's almost a deal-breaker for me.
More Apples Please review More Apples Please
I absolutely love this game it's so addictive and cute! My little eggs are so cute, I love that there are so many variations in eggs so everyone can pick an eggs to their liking, the hatching does not take long so you can see your majestic new creature in a matter of like 2-4 days, you may think that's long but then you can just wait by interacting with your little baby. I also love the fact that you can see it in their dreams and hey have hints to what they become thats why I give eggs baby 5 stars, I did not like egg! Sadly, it just didn't have the right vibe to me, I still kinda like it though, I'm not rating on both so for egg I rate 4 stars. Bye for now!
Theaskiii Cuya review Theaskiii Cuya
Egg Baby! Nix Hydra! This is a really great game! Can 'we' request for more new and amazing hairstyles and outfits and stickers? Coz mainly I'm a potterhead. Could you guys make harry potter inspired outfits? With robes, harry potter style hair, lightning scar/sticker? Please? ???
Mara K review Mara K
This is a cute game. I like the layout and concept of it, however there is a small thing I would like fixed. Sometimes it can be really hard to get money for your "eggs" and then they die. I also wish that the books were more evenly priced, because some are around 10,000 but then others are only 300, and they give the same amount of Happiness. Other than those small things, this game is great.
Abigail Ballard review Abigail Ballard
All in all, it's a pretty fun game. But only a couple things that would be nice of you changed. It would be a lot easier if their were better ways to make game money but only very few. This would make getting eggs a lot easier than having to wait months. Second, I looked on the 'top players' leader bored and I should have been on it. I was much higher than the last person on the list but still wasn't on it. Please fix. Also, just as a request, it would be nice if there were holiday eggs for every holiday that comes up. But yes this game is amazing, and has really good graphics. Good job!!!
Kayleigh Wydner review Kayleigh Wydner
So freaking adorable, must download !!! Great game for anyone. The eggs are so cute, but they are so picky! You can dress up your egg however you want. Great game. NEVER listen to anyone who says this game is bad! I think they are wrong. And I am only 10 years old. Please get this game.Thank you.
Betrix Anne Galvan review Betrix Anne Galvan
I love the game, it's so much fun. There's no adverts, you can always play it, I have few eggs hatching.... Although I spend money a lot and the only way you can have money is to play games with your egg and I get pretty tired playing the same games all over.... please can you have another way of getting money or just make the selection of the games, thanks for reading, have a great day....
Kathy Crow review Kathy Crow
I liked how this game teaches you how to be responsible for something. I think its a good game for kids to play, its fun but educational as well. The only thing I don't like is all the ad's. This is a game for children after all. There should be a turn off ad's button in settings or something. Not have to pay for it.
Destiney Hayes review Destiney Hayes
I used to love this game and had originally given it five stars but, now the game doesn't register me rocking it aka tilting it to put the egg to sleep. I am deleting the game and never coming back! One star for not being a great app anymore.
A Google user review A Google user
It was a nice game and my 3 year old sister just adores seeing all her eggs and pets on the game. But I think it should be easier to keep your egg alive! It's like I would leave the game for half a day and my egg is really sick!
Lavender Melody review Lavender Melody
At first, I thought it'd get boring. Like one of the Pou games. But it actually still entertains me. Awesome game, I definitely recommend you try it out!♡♡ Edit: Is there any way I can transfer my account to a different device???
John Gilfillan review John Gilfillan
The only problem is how long it takes to hatch. I mean, the first egg, I can see why it takes barely 5 minutes to hatch, but after that, you think it's gonna be the same, but it take 4 or 5 days to hatch. And you have to care for it so often. But otherwise, very cute and addictive and kinda fun
Jahnee' Hockenhull review Jahnee' Hockenhull
You should get this game, it's so cute and addictive to pass any boring time you have. So get this game today and rate it because you'll get 10,000 coins more than what you have now, you'll be rich with your creature egg. So download this game right now to be powered with a whole lot of fun and cuteness.