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About this product

Get help from real humans!

EasyA - 1:1 Math/Science Help description

Stuck on math or science? Looking for study tips/advice? Connect with a genius who'll guide you through your questions ASAP!

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***Students across the world have used EasyA to solve millions of questions AND improve by a FULL GRADE on average***

Snap a photo of your math/science question. Get FREE help ASAP!

Stuck on a math or science problem? Wish you had a genius friend you could ask for help?

EasyA connects students with our expert math and science tutors ASAP so they get help right when they need it - all IN MINUTES.

**How does EasyA work?**

Just snap a photo of your question and connect with a tutor who can help.

**Why do students love EasyA?**

**On-Demand, 1:1 Support**

- Get 1:1 expert help in minutes, without having to wait days or weeks for a tutor
- Anonymous format means you never feel self-conscious or intimidated asking questions as you might face-to-face
- FREE! No credit card required, and never will be!

**Expert Tutors**

- All EasyA super tutors are top STEM students or graduates
- EasyA tutors have been through exams recently and understand what's needed to achieve top grades

Whether it's rocket scientists, world-class biotechnologists or nuclear physicists, we've hand-picked the brightest minds we could find and got them teaching on EasyA!

...and much more!

**Supported Subjects**

- Grade School Math + Science
- Middle School Math + Science
- High School Math + Science
- AP Biology
- AP Chemistry
- AP Physics
- AP Math
- SAT Math
- SAT Science
- ACT Math
- ACT Science

EasyA currently supports all math and science levels including SATs, APs, and more!

This means no matter what your school district or syllabus board (CollegeBoard, or anything else) you'll be able to get help!

For more information (or just to say hi), get in touch at: [email protected]

So what are you waiting for? We have no idea... Boost your grades today with EasyA!

For terms, please see easya.io/terms
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