Doodieman Voodoo - FREE! APK

Doodieman Voodoo - FREE!
Doodieman Voodoo - FREE! screenshot 1Doodieman Voodoo - FREE! screenshot 2Doodieman Voodoo - FREE! screenshot 3Doodieman Voodoo - FREE! screenshot 4Doodieman Voodoo - FREE! screenshot 5Doodieman Voodoo - FREE! screenshot 6Doodieman Voodoo - FREE! screenshot 7Doodieman Voodoo - FREE! screenshot 8Doodieman Voodoo - FREE! screenshot 9Doodieman Voodoo - FREE! screenshot 10Doodieman Voodoo - FREE! screenshot 11Doodieman Voodoo - FREE! screenshot 12
Doodieman Voodoo - FREE! 6 apk, update on 2016-05-23
Name the voodoo-doll after a friend or enemy, tap a button and BAMMO - Doodieman doodies all over it! Doodieman is the KING of doodie and he''s here to help you take revenge on your least favorite people or make your most favorite people laugh! This classic game is a perfect addition to your app collection AND it's got an extra way to doodie on the dummy!

Created by Tom Winkler at
App development by Florian Erlemann / petesso media solutions

Doodieman Voodoo - FREE! APK reviews

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Michael Lacey review Michael Lacey
Brilliant fun to have a laugh at even my daughters love it too
Piggy Puge review Piggy Puge
This is the worst game I ever play its disgusting and gross I just wasted 1 min of my life on this horrible game if I could I would put 0 stars
Jer Hill review Jer Hill
So funny
It's so awkward it's just hilarious
Peter Visoso review Peter Visoso
Julia Wolska review Julia Wolska
OMG THE GAME is so funny
I love this game:=)
D Lukas review D Lukas
Outstanding laughs
Game is an absolute riot for kids and adults alike. Both the sound effects and the animations crack me up. My only question is why do multiple letters not work when entering someones name. I took a screen shot where you can see what I entered when typing the ABC's out but above in the text field is what registered. Is that intentional or by mistake? I thought maybe it was done as a joke to keep someones name from being entered but aho knows. Anyway hilarious fun, you should totally buy it. It's a dollar.