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DoMyShoot simplifies product photography and photoshoot for online sellers

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337 ratings

DoMyShoot- Product Photo Shoot description

DoMyShoot simplifies product photoshoot for online sellers by enabling them to get high-res product photos using nothing but their smartphone cameras.

Thanks to the DoMyShoot product photography app, you no longer need to spend a fortune on professional photography equipment for product images.

This photoshoot app takes care of all your eCommerce product imagery needs. Think of it as a Swiss Army knife for your product photos :)

=== Your First Shoot In 3 Simple Steps ===

1. Select a product category
2. Click photos with the help of in-app guides
3. Choose a background

That’s it. Once done, leave the rest to us. We will do our magic and deliver ready-to-use product photos within 12 hours. No matter what you sell - apparel, shoes, electronics, furniture, food, real estate, or cars, DoMyShoot will make product photography hassle free for you.

=== Why Choose DoMyShoot ===

DoMyShoot is a powerful mobile app for pro photo shoots for product photos.

It is built with an AI-powered online photo editor and a background remover for eCommerce ensuring outstanding results for online selling across multiple sales channels. Our users prefer DoMyShoot because it offers :

AI-powered product photography

Reduced cost and time compared to a traditional photo shoot

Free image adaptations for multiple sales channels

1000s of free lifestyle backdrops

No credit card details needed

5 FREE credits to get started

=== Create Your Product Listings ===

Creating your online product listings can be a big hassle. But DoMyShoot simplifies photography for eCommerce, empowering you to snap sell.

It not only allows you to click high-res product photos but also adapts those images for different marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Etsy, Poshmark etc. with just a single click.

Now you no longer need to worry about adhering to different guidelines from different sales channels when creating your imagery. We do the heavy lifting for you so that rejections become a thing of the past.

=== Shoot Lifestyle Images ===

Lifestyle images do a great job of making products look more contextual and saleable. But getting lifestyle images has traditionally been a time-taking and expensive process. DoMyShoot has got you covered.

The app enables you to enhance your product visuals by offering 1000s of product-centric backgrounds at no extra cost. This allows you to quickly turn any of your product photos into engaging lifestyle images for product listings or social posts.

=== Free Image Adaptations ===

With our AI-powered background remover for eCommerce, you can create multiple adaptations for free. This means you get photos with product-centric backgrounds that work for all your sales channels.

=== Built For Scale ===

Whether it’s one product or you need to shoot 1000 products, DoMyShoot can handle it all, with ease. The app is built for scale and can easily process large image orders. This is especially helpful for medium and large businesses that regularly deal with hundreds and thousands of product photos.

No matter what or where you sell, the robust photography and eCommerce photo editing app has been designed to generate high-quality images in volume. So, you no longer need to look for a photographer. Your smartphone can do the job just as well!

=== Get Free Credits ===

By signing up on the app, you get 5 free credits in your account that you can use to place orders on DoMyShoot. Once you exhaust the free credits, you can buy more credits based on your needs.

Our pay-per-use model offers high flexibility to small business owners. We also offer monthly and annual membership plans that enable brands to create a seamless workflow for photography for eCommerce.

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