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🐢 A new Panda Pop Bubble Shooter Game Play Now for Free 🐢

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770 ratings

Doggy Bubble - Free Bubble Shooter Game description

🐢Play and enjoy Doggy - Free Bubble Shooter Game for Free!🐢
Amazing, fun and addictive these 3 things define our game !!!

β˜…This Free arcade game it's a relaxing Game and is being presented for free on all Android devices, the magic of this puzzle shooting adventure offers you a great deal of joy and unlimited casual matching entertainment in your boring time. take aim, shoot and pop all bubbles until you clear the screen and you will save all the puppies

β˜… The best bubble bursting game for you!
Take your bubble gun aim and shoot bubbles and the classic adventures begin

β˜… You can explore multiple colored bubbles and will find new interesting features and a cute bubble dog theme, making it a magical of best bubble shooter with challenging gameplay, the puzzle interface is just like other bubble shoot games where you have to pop similar color balls by shooting them using amazing colored guns. this Doggy theme makes this game trendy and interesting with multiple colored balls and unique interface.

β˜… The newest game in the popular Bubble shooter series offers you unlimited joy and pleasure, but the unique shooting gun and different colors of the toy makes this game the perfect puppy bubble shooter for you.
Tap to town building blast and drop out the disco ducks and beehives.
β˜… Don’t get angry, keep yourself calm to get special items to rescue the babies. The special dog character handling the shooting gun allows you to point towards the right direction and shoot the toy balls to pop similar colors
This game is fun for 2018 .stay in touch we will release new updates every 2 months.
β˜… You have to make the strategy to blast similar color balls to pop them up. The more balls combinations you will pop together, the higher scores you will get.
The environment is very simple, fun and smooth because you can easily navigate the direction of bubble shooting gun according to amazing bubbles color combinations.
Be a good friend of your little doggy and enter the magic funland.
Once you start playing it, you will get addicted to it.

- Different Bubble Guns
- Infinity of magic
- A bubble shooter evolution
- Match 3 bubbles to pop them in this magical puzzle shooting adventure
- Challenging levels game
- Special Boosters and power-ups to increase your win
- 300+ funny challenging levels
- An addictive puzzles magic bubble game, fantastic graphics, fluent shooting experience
- Available to play on Android phone and tablet devices
- Bubble Shooter HD graphics with amazing audio effects

πŸ‘How to Play :
- Match 3 bubbles or more of the same color to save the puppy and win points.
- Move your fingers and shoot the target
- Shoot bubbles with same colors combinations
- Get special items to make a high score
- Pop 3 bubbles unblock new colored bubbles and power-ups
- Use boosters and power-ups
- Hit and pop all the colored balls to clear levels.

πŸ‘Why you should download and Play!
πŸ™ƒIt brings more fun and joy to your life
πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€ Perfect for both adults and kids to enjoy!
πŸ˜’ It relaxes you when you're bored or restless
πŸ™ it trains your intelligence through thinking
😍 You can save puppies, many puppies 🐢🐢🐢

πŸ‘ Download it now for free and have Match 3 fun with β€œDoggy - Free Bubble Shooter Rescue β€œ

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