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A fast-paced tower-defense game featuring dinosaurs!

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26 ratings

Dino Zone Classic description

Cat Nigiri's classic, action-packed strategy game from 2012 is back to the shelves!

Dino Zone is set in the late Cretaceous Period, when a small team of time-travelling scientists face the wrath of Professor Nigel Racik and a stampede of furious dinosaurs under his control.

The distinct touch-based control of the arsenal is just one of Dino Zone's many innovative features. Players can reroute dinosaurs with barricades, place traps, make mazes, throw bombs and much more - there's over 20 different unlockable weapons and perks, and more than 30 challenging achievements. That symbiosis between well balanced content and innovative interaction puts tactics and action in a whole new perspective for the genre. Blasting through 35 highly polished levels gets you face to face with dozens of different dinosaur species, each with its own unique behavior. For the more experienced player, trying to survive for as long as possible in one of the four survival arenas assures replay value, and posting the highest scores on the leaderboards tames the need for bragging rights.


• Gather resources, build mazes and place traps in 35 amazing levels
• Fight over 20 dinosaur species
• Unlock 21 weapons and traps
• High quality soundtrack
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