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DiME 3D Player
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DiME 3D Player apk, update on 2019-05-01
3D video player converts stereoscopic 3D content to Red Cyan 3D to watch with red/cyan 3D glass.
Play 2D content in its original format.. Play Full HD media content.
Media formats like MKV AVI MP4 M4V TS M3U8 FLV WEBM 3GPP and more others are playable.
Supports SRT and SUB external subtitle files.
Can Player network streamed media files like m3u8.

Supports up to 60 fps
Side-By-Side 3D to Anaglyph 3D
Configurable Audio/Video sync
Subtitles and multiple audio track
Stream audio to any blue-tooth connected device
Network media playback
External subtitle (.srt)

DiME 3D Player APK reviews

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John Lee review John Lee
Not only does this nifty player support conversion to red-cyan anaglyp, it also allows one to view HSBS and HTAB movies in 2D!
Shaikh Kaiff review Shaikh Kaiff
This app is very cool I see 3d movies on my smartphone with VR Box or Red cyan 3d glasses very cool Awesome keepup ?
Vaishnav K review Vaishnav K
Great app..but it heats up my phone..I would happy to give 5 star if you fix this problem
SiddharthA G review SiddharthA G
Not even started , got crashed at beginning
arash vahedi review arash vahedi
Very gooooooooooooooood
Ravi Chandran review Ravi Chandran
Support in android tv box, Audio syncing was excellent in anaglyph 3d mode. To develop more on colour depth and aspect ratio which is good in sview stereoscopic 3d player.
asim khan review asim khan
its a very good app to watch sbs movies in anaglyph,,, can i watch it in anaglyph mode on tv using hdmi cable?
Shubhu Kasera review Shubhu Kasera
This app is really help me out to watch 3d movies but the problem is that when i play the movie, it play but after some seconds it stop. Can u fix it, and one more thing is that kindly add 3d depth adjustment setting in next update. Thank you.
Suez Konjeng review Suez Konjeng
A great shout out to the teams of Dime 3d palyer. Hoping to see this app adfree for lifetime and do keep working on this app better and stable. Thanks for this great work.
gaurav gupta review gaurav gupta
The app is not very good and not very bad only so-so but new aptades
somu piranav review somu piranav
Super multi language support nice
Maria Antonio review Maria Antonio
this is the great apps i ever use. thank a lot to the developer for making a great apps. hopefully more features in the future, i will recomend this apps to my friends.
Gaminoes review Gaminoes
Why can't I use polarising 3D glasses like we get one in movie theatres. Why this won't support that type of glass viewing. ?
rekha lakhara review rekha lakhara
Very good app for watching 3d
akshay Jadhav review akshay Jadhav
Not good don't download