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Demolition Derby 3D
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Demolition Derby 3D 1.7 apk, update on 2020-02-25
Demolition Derby can be dangerous but it’s also the most fun to wreck into other cars! Deliberately destroy other cars in the #1 Demolition Derby game on Android now!

Demolition Derby (a.k.a Banger Racing) is a motorsport event in which drivers competing by deliberately ramming their vehicles into one another. This game has tons of car crashing, engine revving, dirt-flying fun with more than 40 events. Smell the petrol fumes, enjoy the carnage and be the last driver whose vehicle is still operational to win the victory!

Game Features:
- All vehicles and weapons have their own behavior. Find your favorite!
- Stunning 3D graphics and great sound effects
- Realistic car destruction, damage deformation and debris simulation
- Best in Show, Mad Dog and tons of other achievements

Demolition Derby 3D APK reviews

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A Saha review A Saha
Not suitable for updated generations poor graphics like 80s games
Ah good progress .thanks for a smashing game .graphics are good.easy to play.controls are is good .excellent job
Jaime Humphrey review Jaime Humphrey
Just awesome and very good condition.
Venkataramana Mp review Venkataramana Mp
Good game play the game now
Akoka Dombo review Akoka Dombo
???love it
Jessie Millano review Jessie Millano
Small in size but great fun. The controller is a bit frustrating but it's okay because I'm new to this game. I just finished the first level or mission.
Cole Tayler review Cole Tayler
I just do not like the game bad graphics and controls the pictures look good but it's just a rip off. I would recommend to not download it sorry for the people who like this but it is just not a game I would not play more.
Truck Mitchell review Truck Mitchell
Like it but could be so better.sadly I'll have to uninstall hopefully you'll make improvements but I doubt it aww and those advertisements in middle of a match ruin it for sure also no vs multiplayer !
Anamika Sinha review Anamika Sinha
Awesome game in low mn
GurdialpiNkwold. Singh review GurdialpiNkwold. Singh
Very Bad game I hate this game
OMG!!! I love it so cool idea I love it ??????
Joshua Hartman review Joshua Hartman
Awesome game . Needs to be longer and alot more cars and a car that could really do some damage like maybe a car called the extreme car that is almost impossible to kill and has a bunch of amo and has more weapons
A Google user review A Google user
Game INI sang at bagus mekipun gamenya menabrab - nabrak saja talk gamenya seru
Isaiah Richardson review Isaiah Richardson
Horrible graphics Really bad
king freq review king freq
I st way cooler