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Danger Dash 3.0.3 apk, update on 2016-01-11
*** Are you a real adventurer? ***
Run and escape from evil tigers!

Collect coins and run for your life as the hero Chuck Ace, the adventurer Miranda Rose, or the powerful Blowing Wind. Complete missions, escape danger and become a Real Adventurer if you've got what it takes...

Run through the jungle, survive a rush of obstacles in a lost city, and hold on for dear life in the mysterious temple! A real runner could do it!

Rush past wild obstacles in a super-fast dash, jump over columns or broken trees, and slide fast under dangerous traps!.

Use powerful upgrades like the Revival Ankh, The Tiger, or Jungle Fever to become more powerful, increase your speed, unlock new levels and grow your capacity!

Track your ranking on the online leaderboards and mark your friends to follow their scores. Make sure you leave them all in the dust!

A game made only for real runners who are not afraid of pushing their speed to the limit in a dangerous dash to victory. Do you have what it takes to be a Real Adventurer? Run and prove it!


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Danger Dash APK reviews

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Vivek Chakravarty review Vivek Chakravarty
I like the game but there is something wrong with it. After completing mission number 77 , the mission screen says CONGRATULATION! YOU'VE COMPLETED ALL AVAILABLE MISSIONS. and I next 3 missions are not available. Now tell me how to get the mission achievement " COMPLETIONIST" . Really frustating.
Owl Manny review Owl Manny
The pause button is in an awkward position. Please put it where I won't keep pressing it accidentally, preferably the top of the screen. Please make adjustments to the swiping sensitivity, because mistakes are easily made when it shouldn't be. I want to see what is ahead of me. Otherwise, it's an all right game.
Sandeep Kumar review Sandeep Kumar
Poor man's Temple Run! The pause button is so badly placed, one tends to unintentionally stops the game midway. The graphics work with hiccups even on a Galaxy 7 edge. The runway itself is pathetically designed. There are much better infinite running games on the store. Do not waste your time and energy on this.
Usain Shadow review Usain Shadow
When I swipe up, it sometimes thinks I swiped left and my character hits an object and dies. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH MY ANDROID TABLET. Also, there are NEVER any adverts I can watch to revive myself. PLEASE FIX THESE PROBLEMS?
Karen Berry review Karen Berry
It was so fun but I'm just moving my finger and then I hit pause and then when I press resume yes as usual it goes 3..2..1 and then I don't have time to move I just crash. And its really hard to control so DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS APP OK!!!!!!
awantika agrawal review awantika agrawal
I played this game for a long time hoping that the movements get correct with the gesture made.. But.. At times.. You swipe down and it jumps or swipe up then goes sideways or something like that.. When try to go sideways then goes up or down.. Please fix it Gameloft..
Jennifer Braungardt review Jennifer Braungardt
It's a time passer and is a lot like Temple Run if you like those kind of games. The only thing I don't like about this game is that the pause button is in a bad place. I'm.always hitting it during play, causing it to pause at the worst time. Other than that good game.
chrissy Roman review chrissy Roman
its great game to pass time but i dont understand the missions you complete them but dont get rewards did anyone else notice that? there should be some type of bonus and the tigers you run and run never get to you umm temple run decoy? but its still a good game
Dai-dee L review Dai-dee L
Its ok played it when I had my bb however now with andriod I can get to watch video saying all coins ran out...plz fix asap..and 2. Game restart on its own
A Google user review A Google user
I am asked to enter my age to continue and there is no keyboard to type so I keep on clicking in the box where I'm supposed to put my age and nothing happens. Waste
Jessica Wooten review Jessica Wooten
At first i started liking the game despite of the sensitivity of swiping to move the character around. Now its crashing and kicking me off the game. I reinstalled several times and still the.same issue. :-( now the graphics aren't working correctly and there's a lot of glitches. The character is running but u cant see if ur running into a wall or rock. . not happy with it at all fix this game
Hannat Salami review Hannat Salami
Dis game was a really gud game bt dis new version s nt satisfactory. Even d previous version was beta. There s nth to gain more dan coins and d challenges. Be4 it used to ve gems n oda stuffs bt naw its jst boring. Plz try and fix dis. Its no longer as fun as it used to be. And wats wit d watchin of video online be4 u can get a revival. Dats bullshit. Do sth abt it plz!!!
King Ishokerz review King Ishokerz
I love this game. I play it when I'm bored or waiting for something, or just sitting around sometimes whe I'm not playing Clash Of Clans. But it has one particularly dangerous flaw. When I'm running and I hit the Fever powerup it makes me slide or go to the right lane, and when I'm running, I swipe up and it makes me go to the right lane or left, the only time I don't really have a problem out of this is when I try to slide.
Lamiaa Ibrahim review Lamiaa Ibrahim
There's something wrong with the graphics, the obstacles do not appear, i can not see anything, i uninstalled then reinstalled the game but in vein, Would anyone plz help me solve this issue? Knowing that similar games work well.
Kellye Hannema review Kellye Hannema
Ran great on my Galaxy S3 but won't run on my Galaxy Note 4. Gets to age box but keyboard won't come up to use & area top left flashes nonsense .. bummed major

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