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About this product

DandyLight helps keep your photography business organized. All in one place!

DandyLight - Photography App description

DandyLight helps keep your photography business organized! Everything you need in one place. Track jobs, income and expenses along with many more awesome features designed just for photographers! All features are available offline!

Job Tracking:
Track all the details of your job in one place. You can input client details, job date, job location, job start and end times, and can even add custom reminders so that you never forget any important tasks! The job details also include stages so that you know the stages of your jobs.

Mileage & Expense Tracking:
Never forget to track your work miles again! We make it easy to keep track with saved locations and distance calculator. Your tax season will be a breeze! Also track singe and recurring expenses.

Income Tracking:
DandyLight tracks your income automatically. As soon as your job is finished, we capture the income and provide useful charts and analytics to for you to see how your business grows.

Synced Calendar:
With DandyLight you can sync your personal calendar so that you never overbook with other jobs or your personal events.

Sunset & Weather:
With the sunset and weather feature, we make it simple to schedule your shoots for perfect time to capture the golden hour.

Business Analytics:
It is important to see a breakdown of your business trends. Our business analytics will show you analytics for your different job types. You can also dive into your leads to see what lead sources are bringing you the most work.

DandyLight generates invoices automatically based on your job details. We make it easy to request payment from your clients.

Save all of your favorite locations in DandyLight. This will make it easy to share locations with clients and makes tracking driving miles a breeze.

Organize all of your favorite pose ideas here with offline access. When you are out in the middle of nowhere, you can still check your poses.
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