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CSR Classics 3.0.3 apk, update on 2020-03-23
FROM THE MAKERS OF CSR RACING! Drag-strip legends from the last 60 years come to life in CSR Classics.

RACE OVER 50 OF THE GREATEST CARS EVER MADE including the Shelby Mustang GT500, Ford GT40, Plymouth Superbird and other classic models from BMW, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, Mercedes, Plymouth, Pontiac, Shelby and more!

RESTORE YOUR RIDE and transform your cars from rusty unloved shells into gorgeous icons of driving!

CLASH OF THE TITANS! - Cobra vs. Mercedes 300SL, Dodge Superbee vs. Chevrolet Camaro, Ford Mustang vs. Skyline GT-R!


Take on the gangs that own the city and face off against the toughest drivers out there. Have you got what it takes to own the streets?

Requires 1GB of RAM and Android OS 4.0 and above.

PLEASE NOTE! CSR Classics is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money.

To prevent unauthorised purchases, select "Set or Change PIN" from the Google Play settings menu, create a PIN, then enable the "Use PIN for Purchases" option. You will then be required to enter your PIN before every transaction.

CSR Classics is published by NaturalMotion Games.

WHY NOT TRY CSR RACING 2 – The next chapter to the #1 drag racing series of all time has arrived!

Meet other players and find out more about CSR:
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CSR Classics APK reviews

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Sonny Lummes review Sonny Lummes
Its a great game, of course i reckoned it. but a few things, theres no challenge, you upgrade you win, simple. at the very least have an option to remove the pointless hand holding HUD. Secondly the cars are fantastic but limited, we are restoring these cars, right? so we should be able to customise and build the car, such as adding carburator intakes, fenders, rims and spoilers.
Noah C Kent review Noah C Kent
I feel like I'm missing out on the best Cars because I'm a free player. At least make an option if you want to buy the best cars with in game cash, along side those gold coin purchasable cars. Last of course, this game is not compatible with Blustacks any more. Sad face.
chris lethbridge review chris lethbridge
Love the game! But the people who make this are swine. Stop spamming me to buy stuff. And if you have an in game currency that's costs really money how come half the time you just ask for cash? The amount of micro scams that happen in this game is beyond any game I've ever played.
Great Game
This game is really fun and exciting, and I love all the different brands and models that you can choose from in the game. If possible, it would be cool if you guys could include some Porsche cars, or the Dodge Charger Daytona in the future. ;)
Tom Merrick review Tom Merrick
It was a decent game until, I used the link to get extra gold. I went for the Loot Crate option and ordered a subscription. Then I waited 2 weeks for the Gold and nothing, so I emailed Natural Motion (game developer), and was told it's not their problem I need to contact Tapjoy. I sent off an email to Tapjoy and got an auto-response. I replied back and waited, and waited, and waited. 2 weeks later I sent another email asking for my Gold to be paid. Still no response and so, I sent another email to Natural Motion and also got no response. Now almost 2 months later... I get an email from Tapjoy asking for an invoice to prove I got the Loot Crate (I've received 2 Loot Crates so far). My advice, play the game but DO NOT use the free Gold option!! Tapjoy will scam you and Natural Motion will simply deny responsibility!!!
Rob Owen review Rob Owen
Decent game
The game can be played without purchases, however the constant push to spend is ever present. There is no way to earn gold, you have to buy it. You get 10 gold every time you level up, but even a cheap car will cost you a couple hundred, leaving you with very few options in the cars you can have. One more pay to play.
Joy Alexander review Joy Alexander
My favorite game in all Play Store I agree with Scott, butt, i want to have modded body panels added to the game. if you could make it so that i can buy a costom hood, i would tell a lot more people about the game. pls update so this can happen
It nothing to 800 mb. It waste of time and data. It is chatting and make over expectation.but there is nothing to play
Dr. Muhammad Sarim review Dr. Muhammad Sarim
Lost my career once again when i installed it
I once lost my previous carrier at level 46 now I can't buy car for tier two challenge. Fix it admin
Md Rauful Islam review Md Rauful Islam
Now working on Android 7
Kamikaze is Love, Rize is Life review Kamikaze is Love, Rize is Life
The game sometimes can be really buggy, like skipping through stages in multiplayer, unable to finish multiplayer stages and getting bad time detected even though i didn't change anything on my phone..... hope that they will fix it soon.. Other than that, I absolutely love to collect classic cars and race them. So i will give them 9/10
Mike Dullnig review Mike Dullnig
Been a long-term player. You keep stateing that I'm messing with my clock. That is incorrect, I think it has something to do with this S7 phone. You need to stop excluding me from other benefits.
Paul Walker review Paul Walker
Good game sort form the fact I've won the bronze and silver leagues on 3 to 4 occasions now and didn't get rewards. When contacted admin they didn't help at all said they don't understand. How the well don't you understand your own game
Benjamin Neammanee review Benjamin Neammanee
The game is awesome! Wish I could replay the bosses part because I am currently on level 83 and I have collected non of the bosses' car. The multiplayer are also awesome. Personally quite sad to see the multiplayer mode go. :(
A Google user review A Google user
Graphics are good and smooth. Gameplay is addictive but prizes are poor play is restricted to fuel which is expensive and unfair. Items are far too expensive !!! Upgrades far too expensive. Adverts are very intrusive and damn annoying. I understand you guys put hours of hard work into making this game but the cost of things are way over the top. Reduce them dramatically and ill buy.