Crazy Taxi City Rush APK

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Crazy Taxi City Rush screenshot 1Crazy Taxi City Rush screenshot 2Crazy Taxi City Rush screenshot 3Crazy Taxi City Rush screenshot 4Crazy Taxi City Rush screenshot 5Crazy Taxi City Rush screenshot 6Crazy Taxi City Rush screenshot 7Crazy Taxi City Rush screenshot 8Crazy Taxi City Rush screenshot 9Crazy Taxi City Rush screenshot 10Crazy Taxi City Rush screenshot 11Crazy Taxi City Rush screenshot 12Crazy Taxi City Rush screenshot 13Crazy Taxi City Rush screenshot 14Crazy Taxi City Rush screenshot 15Crazy Taxi City Rush screenshot 16Crazy Taxi City Rush screenshot 17Crazy Taxi City Rush screenshot 18
Crazy Taxi City Rush 1.9.0 apk, update on 2020-06-01
Drive crazy in SEGA’s all-new car racing game Crazy Taxi. Race through the city in your car to deliver your passengers on-time -- the crazier you drive the higher your rewards! Your car, your rules - speed, drift, whip around corners, weave through traffic, up ramps and into the air to race the clock. Build and fully customize a fun collection of modern and classic cabs ready to race. Drive your car and passengers crazy across a huge and expanding 3D city: downtown, uptown, on the beach, and more.

• Intuitive one-touch driving controls
• All-new city to master and explore
• All-new cast of crazy passengers
• Crazy variety of special missions and challenges
• Expand the city for higher pay and crazier routes
• Drive crazy to music from your personal library
• Portrait and landscape modes
• Created by the original Crazy Taxi designer, Kenji Kanno, and SEGA’s top mobile developer, Hardlight, makers of Sonic® Dash and Sonic® Boom.

Please note that Crazy Taxi City Rush offers in-app purchases. You can turn-off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

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This game may include "Interest Based Ads" (please see for more information)​ and may collect "Precise Location Data" ​(please see ​for more information)​.

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Crazy Taxi City Rush APK reviews

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Nicholas Joseph review Nicholas Joseph
Fun driving mechanics but as you progress there is no way to avoid traffic and crashes are actually encouraged, taking away any skill needed to play the game. And there are way too many advertisements.
jalia sama review jalia sama
Please fix the bag. Sometimes the crahses. I dont know why. But for over all i love it
Dina Sherif review Dina Sherif
Need internet always
Richard Penny review Richard Penny
Good game
Robin G. review Robin G.
Jay bee review Jay bee
Crazy taxi is one of my all time favourites from the days of the dreamcast. This is has a nice little twist for mobile devices that keeps it engaging & entertaining. The game is a pretty big file so some low end devices may struggle or fail to run the game is why there may be some issues from other reviews. I love the added upgrade system that wasn't included on the home console version for the extra replay value. A fun game & worth playing. Oh, the nostalgia lol ?
Henrique Stabile review Henrique Stabile
Everything you do in this game produces the same annoying, low resolution and extremely loud crashing sound, that makes me play this game with no sound. I bought a bag of diamonds so I could profit from the one time offer for the Muscle H720 car but my purchase didn't come through and I lost the offer. I got my money back but the offer will never come up again :(
Haris Mujević review Haris Mujević
This is first time that i rate an app. Im doing this only bcuz this aweosome app have some bug. The problem is in Uptown, mission 5 Comic unconvention taxi goes in wrong way and then goes in wrong street so it is unpossible to pass that mission. Fix that fast, i want to play last area of the city!!! My android is 5.
Nathaniel Ric Obra review Nathaniel Ric Obra
Love the game but there is a glitch or bug i have found out while playing offline mode.. it happen while playing my second run after i open the game. Its when i finish the run the car started to disappear leaving the driver with an invisible car then the game does not proceed to rewards it just simply is stuck there and i have to close the app and run it again the bad part about it i did not receive any reward and my gas was depleted by the run. Pls fix it .. i was planning on buying infinite gas but suddenly i decided not to bcuz of this
Kaimen Maxfield review Kaimen Maxfield
I like this game, but the problem Is it glitches a lot. One time the sky was what I was driving on, and one time my car disapered and I was sitting and driving in the air. Other than that the game!e is fun and you can choose your driver and design your taxi.
harvest review harvest
although it doesn't compare to the original, crazy taxi city rush is incredibly fun and addicting, and a great way to pass time casually. some minor complaints though: the crashing sounds effects are extremely loud, and glitchy, the game crashes on offline mode, and if you have sound effects disabled the music gets quieter when you perform crazy jumps. despite all that, still 5 stars.
Hector Acevedo review Hector Acevedo
Looks great but when I get to my very first turn, it tells me to press 2 in my controller but I'm using my phone so I can't and it won't let me proceed. It does work if you choose Autosteer. I'm in Oreo 8.1 in case that makes a different
Vera Story review Vera Story
I've loved this game but last night it started playing offline so I cannot drive my Facebook friends cars and l cannot hire out. Tried restarting my phone, closing out of the program completely, and delete the game. Now I'm starting from square 1 because it's still playing offline. I'm very frustrated because I've played it for over a month and got a good ways into the game and now it seems like I have to restart.
Brandy Brown review Brandy Brown
I like it it's my favorite game to play on my phone right now. I've almost beat it..
Laura Allmond review Laura Allmond
keeps crashing when i try to open it! not worth my time.