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Crafting + Building + Survive + Block Craft Original

Craft Sun Master Vip description

Craft Sun Master Vip is a master craft game, a 3D sandbox building game and a Block Craft 3D game, which consists of countless blocks and resources. You can explore endless worlds, create, crafting, build, survive and do whatever you want.
Build everything in the world craft. Name your city crafting & building, build your own mini world using your crafting skills, building solutions, building techniques and creativity.

Craftsmen know how to build a Craft Sun Master Vip world, call it craftsman if you will or even craftsman. In Craft Sun Master Vipsurvival mode, you can defeat creatures in the wild, collect your loot, and upgrade your weapons. The various materials you collect have various abilities. Try to upgrade your gear to get higher tier rare items.
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