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Fight all monster and save your craft world.

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Craft Evil Monster description

Craft Evil Monster is a 3D action game where you take on the role of a hero who must battle the evil monster. The game is set in a vast and beautiful craft world that is filled with danger and adventure. You will need to use your skills and cunning to defeat the monster and save the world. The battle will happend in the familiar rythm ""Dop Yes"" of scary monster.

Simple yet addictive stimulation:
- Fight all the monster to be the winner and save the craft world
- Take the weapon to give yourself an edge in battle
- Use buttons/joysticks to move, run and jump

Game features:
- Awesome 3D pixel graphics and animation
- New pixel maps and landscapes in every level
- Various characters and skins to upgrade
- Ultimate fun levels to play

If you are looking for a fun and exciting game with the attractive melody, then Craft Evil Monster is the game for you.
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