Crack Your Screen APK

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Crack Your Screen 1.1.1 apk, update on 2016-06-13
TIP! fool your friends out with this trick:
1. Launch the application
2. The application is transparent so people do not realize that it is running
3. Hand it over to your friend who does not know anything about the application
4. Tell them to check something out on your new mobile phone
5. BOOOMMM!!!! At their first tap on the screen it cracks and scares them off!!! You should look at their faces when this happens!!! Then you can ask money from them and have an endless laugh!
Brake your phone's screen the way you like using a hammer or a gun, smash the screen and create interesting designs and fascinate your friends!

Crack Your Screen APK reviews

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Tiffani Thomas review Tiffani Thomas
Love it
So much and I can't want to show my mom it?
Girly Girl review Girly Girl
Its kind if sucky and good
I mean its cool but no one falls for the trick and the only realistic crack is the one that looks shattered
Hilary Michel review Hilary Michel
Perfect prank
Isiah Price review Isiah Price
It's everybody like my screen is broke and it is so
Samantha Wilson review Samantha Wilson
Fernando Aros garcia review Fernando Aros garcia
I loved it my friends fell for it