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CoPilot car shopping: search/shop/compare/buy/sell/trade local cars or SUV/truck

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CoPilot shop/buy/sell used car description

Shop for new and used cars, trucks, minivans & SUVs, and buy with confidence. CoPilot searches every car at every dealer, every day, and ranks them based on what matters to you. Let CoPilot do the hard work, to find you the best car AND the best price. Just swipe right when you find your perfect match!

What's the Magic of Car Shopping with CoPilot?
- Never miss out on the best car
- Never overpay
- Never get taken advantage of

As featured in Bloomberg, CNN, CNBC, MarketWatch, NPR, New York Times, Forbes, TechCrunch, and Newsweek.

Why join CoPilot?

Car Shopping with Confidence:
- Searches every dealer so you don't have to
- Analyzes every car with data and insights you won’t find anywhere else
- Ranks everything so it’s always easy to find the best car at the best price

Buying: Never Get Taken Advantage of at the Dealership
- Avoid any tricks, traps, and scams
- Save time, money, and frustration
- Turn the tables on the sales person

Owning: Own Your Car with Confidence
- Unlock hidden profit when you sell or trade in your car
- Stay safe with alerts on recalls & maintenance
- Save money on loans, insurance, and extended warranties with discounted rates for CoPilot members

CoPilot takes the stress out of car-buying. There’s no trick prices or bait-and-switch tactics - just unbiased, expert insights so you can buy with confidence. Unlike other car sites, we’re independent, honest, and always 100% free.

If it’s free, how does CoPilot make money?
- We DON’T get paid by dealers to promote their listings - we’re 100% on your side
- We DON’T sell ads - nothing to distract you from finding the perfect car
- We DON’T sell your information - and you won’t get spammy emails & phone calls
- We DO make money from financial services partnerships - but only when YOU choose to apply

How does CoPilot work?

We rank new and pre-owned cars for sale at every US dealer 24/7 to find hidden gems (premium feature-loaded cars you won’t find anywhere else) at great prices. Using data that dealers would like to keep secret, we calculate the true car value, and help you buy your perfect ride.

Just answer a few questions and let CoPilot do the work. We show you the SUV, crossover, wagon, sedan, minivan, convertible, coupe, van or truck to match your preferences (but not caravans, RVs, or bikes). From Audi to Subaru or Toyota; BMW, Chevrolet or Chrysler to Honda to Tesla, our car ratings and dealer reviews tell you what, where, and when to buy, or why you should wait. Dealer-paid apps never do that.

Price Pulse
- Shopping for a new or pre-owned car? Be first to know as prices return to normal, or discover other cars that are better value.
- Looking to sell your car? Compare the real-time value of your vehicle to the previously projected value and see how much more your car is worth today.
- Let Price Pulse keep track of price changes for you, so you can buy or sell at the right time.

One more thing…

Your CoPilot is a REAL person! You can chat with us at any time for personalized car shopping advice.
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