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Sync Contacts Cloud
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Sync Contacts Cloud 2.2.19 apk, update on 2018-07-18
If you have Android devices and Apple's devices at the same time, it's possible that you want to synchronize contacts between your devices. So, I built this app for that purpose.

This is a client which synchronize Contacts with iCloud(two ways syncing). The app is based on CardDav protocols. Due to its implementation as Sync Adapter it integrates seamlessly with the native Android’s Contacts app.

Key Features:
• Sync Contacts information (names, phone numbers, emails, contact’s photo, special days….)
• Copy existing Android's Contacts to iCloud
• Two-way synchronization
• You can set sync time interval, disable/enable sync on app UI.
• Supports multiple apple ids.
• Simple UI and easy to use.
• Optimized algorithms for high performance.
• High security, store apple id information in Android AccountManager.
• Auto-provisioning
• Support one way group sync (iCloud to Android)(two-way-sync will be added later).
• It's free :D

iCloud and Apple are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. The author of this app is not related to Apple in any way.

Sync Contacts Cloud APK reviews

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Abdul Basit Qadri review Abdul Basit Qadri
It's amazing. I was going to buy pro version but one thing I want is to sync from iCloud to Android not the other way around. Is this possible in pro? Because I have given custom labels to contacts​ in iOS which get modified in Android.
Hernan Peniche review Hernan Peniche
It never synced and I paid for full version. Been trying to contact developer for refund. Not a way to do so.
Works perfect. Only app i use and i change phones alot.
Carlos Herrera review Carlos Herrera
It has worked for me so far.
No apple iphone. I have an LG.
Sanjay Tyagi review Sanjay Tyagi
Works as promised
Naomi Pool review Naomi Pool
Does what it's supposed to do
Apps like this shouldn't be free. This app does what it's supposed to do very quickly & efficiently, with minimal effort necessary from the user. All you do is enter your iCloud username & password, & it quickly syncs all iCloud contacts to your Android device. The only complaint I have is that you can't change the storage location option for the contacts synced by this app- it has it's own storage category that doesn't allow me to change to my Gmail account contacts so I can back them up.
Sameh Fayed review Sameh Fayed
Application is great and does exactly what I need. One issue showed up after upgrading android to 7. App sync notification keeps on appearing with every call for the called person. I hope dev team can solve this issue soon.
Mian Ali Masood review Mian Ali Masood
Great App
I love this app, I've tried so many apps but this helped me alot.good work keep it up, one bug only it always updates notification after every call. Plz fix
Vinayak Suri review Vinayak Suri
Doesn't work
Installed and set it up as instructed. Hasn't synced my iCloud contacts even after trying to get it to sync manually. Kepps saying "sync is currently experiencing problems. Please try again later."
Peter Hagerstrom review Peter Hagerstrom
Thanks again for all your help in the same thing happened
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AJ Nolasco review AJ Nolasco
iPhone 6 to S7 edge
This really works! My contacts has been transferred from my icloud contact to my android phone. If you can't log in maybe your two factors authenticator is turn on, just turn it off then relogin. Kudos to the developer!
Pat Erwin review Pat Erwin
I've used this app over a year and it has worked great!
Jermaine king Roberson review Jermaine king Roberson
App works great!! Love it... I strongly recommend!
Gurumoorthy Jothiraman review Gurumoorthy Jothiraman
This app works awesome.