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An easy to use, general purpose digital wallet - completely under your control.

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21 ratings

Connect.Me - Digital Identity Wallet description

With Connect.Me, you can:
- Form private, secure connections with other entities in the Sovrin ecosystem
- Gather and store digital credentials
- Instantly verify your identity using existing physical credentials and our Onfido integration (currently piloting in the US, CA, and UK markets)
- Present digital proofs of part or all of your credentials, privately and securely
- Store (and restore from) a backup of your digital wallet wherever you want
- Answer secure messages from any connection you have

The identity wallet app enables myriad use cases, including proving you’re over a specific legal age without revealing your exact date of birth, sharing health records privately and securely, and doing away with the username-and-password concept once and for all.

What makes Connect.Me different from other digital identity managers?

1. We don’t (and never will) own any of your information. Zip, zero, zilch. Connect.Me is built on Sovrin, which means you can use your credentials anywhere, even on a different app altogether.

2. Your info lives with you. Your information isn’t stored in the cloud, it lives in your pocket. So you’re the one in control of your data, where it goes, and how it’s used.

3. Your data is protected by state-of-the-art encryption. The Connect.Me identity wallet creates unique, pairwise cryptographic connections to communicate. It's like inventing a new, unique language each time you speak with someone new - and only the two of you understand it.

Connect.Me offers a glimpse of what a world of decentralized, self-sovereign identity can look like. Try it out, let us know what you think, and visit www.evernym.com/plans/ if you want to join a growing list of organizations making decentralized identity a reality.
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