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Lovely call screen theme for incoming calls with color phone wallpaper

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365 ratings

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"❓ The rigid numeric keypad is boring you now? Do you want a colorful, heart-shaped, ball-shaped or raindrop-shaped numeric keypad? Want to set your picture as your keyboard wallpaper?

🔥 Refresh your calls with the Color Phone Screen - Call Screen app.

Photo phone dialer is personalized your call wallpaper . We have provided all the dialing features in this Call Screen
Huge stock of images, themes, effects, animations for you to choose from. Just press the “apply” button and you have a beautiful dialer phone.

👉 Color phone screen
Nearly 1000 theme templates for you to choose from. Bring every style from nature, animals, universe, landscape, people… to your call background. When someone call you or you call to someone, you will feel special. Your phone shows your style. Let go of boring call background now

👉 Photo phone dialer
We have hundreds of numeric keypad models, varying in color and shape. Some designs like hearts, flowers, circle, rhombus and effects are enough for you to change every day. You'll get colorful button to add a touch of feel when dialing a phone number.

👉 Customize background
You can create your own phone number keypad wallpaper easily. Phone Screen imports photos from your gallery, you can use any image for call wallpaper. With just one operation, you have a dial pad that does not match anyone, any phone.

👉Call Flash
You have LED reminder for calls and SMS. It not only is fast but also is bright. This feature is very simple and easy to use. Moreover, it is also battery-friendly, energy-saving. Any important calls won’t be missed with LED reminder and Call Flash, even in night time or silent mode.

Key features of Color Phone Screen - Call Screen
🔸 Set 50+ unique dialer button themes for call screening.
🔸 Custom your photo on phone dialer.
🔸 Unique default call background including galaxy wallpapers, nature and waterfall wallpapers...
🔸 10+ Beautiful wallpapers to set on phone dialer.
🔸 Show Particle effects in call background, which makes your call screen more beautiful and interesting.
🔸Includes 30+ Color phone flash themes to customize your hhone screen.
Download this app to try these features for free.

Here we explain all important permissions that our app requests. These permissions are necessary for our app to perform certain features.
* DEFAULT to receive incoming call and process outgoing call there permissions need for default dialer app
* PHONE_CONTACTS_AND_STORAGE to read, write call log search call log, display recent calls
* SYSTEM_SETTING_PERMISSION to set ringstone, manage audio of phone call.
* SCREEN_OVERLAY_PERMISSION to display call head on running call in.

☎️ We are always interested in your experience with phone creen, so please let us know your experience by [email protected] If this call background gives you a good experience please give a good rate. We will continue to upgrade the app to meet your expectation.

✅ We really appreciate it when you use our app. Thank you for using Color Phone Screen - Call Screen"
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