Clean Master for x86 CPU APK

Clean Master for x86 CPU
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Clean Master for x86 CPU 7.2.1 apk, update on 2020-01-09
Clean Master, the No.1 Android optimization tool with junk cleaning and antivirus functions is free and trusted by over 850 million users worldwide. Making phones run like they're brand new all the time.

Clean Master helps clean all types of junk files (photo junk, video junk, system junk, advertisement junk, and cache junk) to free up storage space. It can also clean junk notifications and free up RAM to improve your phone's speed and performance! It gives your phone powerful protection with functions such as Anti-virus and AppLock. By scanning and removing viruses, Clean Master protects your phone from safety problems and privacy disclosure.

Clean Master Key Functions:

Clean Master helps you clean all types of junk files (photo junk, video junk, system junk, advertisement junk, cache junk, and residual junk) on your Android phone, which can help boost and optimize your phone's speed and performance, as well as preventing your phone from running slow and lagging. It can also free up your phone's RAM (memory) and storage space, you can enjoy using a faster and speedier phone with just one tap. Clean Master - the best cleaner of all cleaning apps.
Clean Master also provides customized and professional cleaning for many social apps like Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram and many more. With our professional cleaner, you can free up much more space from these apps easily and safely without worrying about deleting the wrong files.

Anti-virus is another important function of Clean Master. As a virus scanner and cleaner, it can scan viruses on all apps (pre-installed or not), blocks and removes viruses from your phone to keep your device safe from viruses, trojans, malware, rogue software and protects your privacy. Clean Master provides the safest protection on everything in your mobile. Keep your phone safe and secure with Clean Master's free antivirus engine (ranked #1 by AV-TEST)!

One Tap Boost feature of Clean Master can help boost mobile speed, optimize phone memory by freeing up RAM, and give you a faster and speedier phone. After boosting your mobile, run a speed test to see how much faster it has become.

Clean Master helps save battery power and extend battery life. As a battery saver and booster, it can analyze your battery's status and kill background processes to save power and to extend your battery life.

Using Clean Master and stop worrying about privacy intruders and others trying to peek on your WhatsApp chat history or your Instagram photos! Use the AppLock function of Clean Master to protect your privacy with a PIN or lock pattern. Set a password or lock pattern for important apps such as WhatsApp, Youtube, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram etc. Lock and protect all your private data with Clean Master AppLock feature

Clean Master sweeps and cleans junk notifications on your notification bar. It stops trash notifications from jamming and slowing down your phone, keeping your phone free from disturbing and annoying notifications.

Other Optimization Features:

CHARGE MASTER - Protects your battery from overcharging, displays charging status and application message on your lock screen when charging.
GAME BOOSTER - Manage your games and accelerate loading speed of games.
APP MANAGER - Back up and uninstall apps. Remove useless apps to free up your phone's storage space.
CPU COOLER - Cools down your phone temperature and reduces CPU usage by stopping apps that cause device overheat. As well as extending your battery life!
iSWIPE - Quickly access other apps and tools.

Clean Master, the world's No.1 cleaner & antivirus app in Google Play.

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Clean Master for x86 CPU APK reviews

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Wolfgang Manzato review Wolfgang Manzato
O outro é mais completo
Very useful
Maina Maseeti review Maina Maseeti
Really works well. Cleaned 2gb of junk files on the first attempt! I heartily recommend it. Only thing didn't like are the ads when online, otherwise easily the most useful thing to keep android phones working smoothly
Chenelle Robertson review Chenelle Robertson
I luv thiz app very much, its the best one going. But it wants me to download a nother app similar to this one,i thought this app did everything. Wen it comes to antivirus an browser it wants me to install similar app.l cant send feedback without profile wat iz that l already put in my e-mail. Please help.
Amanda Shelton review Amanda Shelton
Don't use this application it will infect your phone.
I got a pop up after I pushed on a button that said I have applications needing updating but it took me to a virus infected website telling me my phone is slow and it vibrated. You are lucky I don't have to press charges against your company for damages to personal property. Plus I can't afford a new phone. I don't recommend anyone to install this application. Beware of viruses and pop ups.
Shivani Dabur review Shivani Dabur
WTF News!!!!! It deserves a 0!!!!
Is this a cleaner app or something else? The News it displays after cleaning the junk or scanning the phone are horrible. The worst cleaning app I have ever seen. Stop showing these news or I will delete this freaking app. U guys deserve a zero just because of ur news. ????
Keshaun Bowen review Keshaun Bowen
Indescribably Amazing!!
I installed an app that apparently was tampered with. It was a virus hidden in a game. It sent me ADs in the middle of EVERYTHING!!, showed me inappropriate pictures ect. So I got clean Master and it pointed the app right out. Truly Recommended. Keep up the awesome work
harinath reddy review harinath reddy
Clean, Clear and Fast
Amazing application. I'm an gaming freak. Helps keep my device clean and running fast time to time. When my device heats up to extreme temperature's, the hibernating option in this application helps bring down the temperature of device super fast. Cheers to Clean Master team☺?
Bryan Broussard review Bryan Broussard
Seems useful...
But, it says it cleaned over a GB, but the space is still used! And it tried installing unwanted apps. I have to uninstall Clean Master to remove the intrusive apps and a lock screen I do not want!
Megha Joshi review Megha Joshi
It cleans junk very fast. Good app for phone like mine with less spare space
Dharmveer Gupta review Dharmveer Gupta
Ke for this it up for yh Whatsapp and 8uy5r
Dogan Severbas review Dogan Severbas
It's very nice app I recommend every one.
Victor Sharov review Victor Sharov
Professional app! It really helped me control my phone.
Rian Rizki Bastanta review Rian Rizki Bastanta
I dont get it
Why there is 3 clean master in gpl? Please explain me whats the different