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About this product

Whatever, wherever and whenever you want in less than 1 hour.

CityXerpa, your delivery hero description

CityXerpa, the application that will make your life easier. Order what you want and we will bring it to you in minutes. We make easy your day with certain tasks:

▶ Send a super-urgent package?
▶ Send the birthday present to your mother-in-law?
▶ Collecting football tickets?
▶ Eating some bravas from the center bar?
▶ Bring your breakfast so you don't get out of bed?
▶ Forgot your charger in the office?
▶ Your child's carnival costume?
▶ Shopping at the supermarket?
▶ Going to get your American in the dry cleaner?
▶ Did you run out of print ink?

CityXerpa helps you overcome the small barriers that appear during the day so you can enjoy it now. CityXerpa becomes a must.


CityXerpa is an application that allows you to buy, collect or send anything. Unique in the country of Andorra. Download the application for free and ask for what you want. Our Xerpas will take care of everything in a few minutes.


▶ Order food from your favorite restaurants.
▶ Make the purchase of the week or ... of the month with our supermarket.
▶ Do you feel like cooking and you don't know what? Get inspired with our Super Xerpa recipe pack. Once the recipe is selected, all the necessary ingredients are added!
Breakfast in bed or in the office with La Gandula.
end and collect any document or product.
Buy what you want with our 'Ask what you want' category. You write to us that you need. You can even attach a reference photograph.
▶ Do you feel bad? Do not leave the bed, buy what you need in our 'Pharmacy' category.
▶ All this and ... much more!


▶ Stay tuned for our promotions and news with our in-app news blog.
▶ Save your usual delivery addresses.
▶ Follow your order in real time.
Rate the experience of both the business and our Xerpa so that we can improve.
▶ Delighted with our Xerpa? Tip it through the application.
▶ Repeat the order with just one click.
▶ Request the invoice for the orders you want.
Order now or schedule your order when you need it.
▶ Apply the discounts that we will be offering and enjoy them.
▶ Use the search engine to search for specific products or business.


Contact us when you need it with our customer service through the application within your profile. We are at your disposal.


... Stay tuned with the amazing new features we are working on!
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