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Cathode: Shows and Movies 5.1.3 apk, update on 2017-02-25
Keep track of TV shows and movies
- Track your watched episodes and movies
- Keep a list of shows and movies you'd like to watch
- Discover new and popular tv shows and movies
- Personalized recommendations
- ...

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Cathode: Shows and Movies APK reviews

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Niklas Pivic review Niklas Pivic
Latest update: bad widget
My concern with the widget is that it displays shows that I've hidden in the app and that aren't visible in the app. This is a bug, right?
Eliut Torres review Eliut Torres
I wish the app can let me mark the episodes of shows on go90.
Aruna Tedjai review Aruna Tedjai
The widget is nice. But you cant read it. You have to change the colour of the background or the lettertype.
Robert Bilodeau review Robert Bilodeau
Great app! Big new update
I've been using this app for a good while now, because it was the only decent free app that links to Trakt, but I had always felt that it lacked an important feature. Well, that feature has arrived in the latest version: notifications. Sure, they appeared in my calendar before, but for some reason, the calendar wouldn't give notifications. Now it does, and the new widget is also a great feature too.. I just don't like the colours of it; it's hard to read because they're too light.
Frank Theisen review Frank Theisen
Thanks for your hard work on this, it works! Just one point, when my upcoming shows are imported into Google calendar, the times are Eastern, but I'm on the West coast. I can't find a way to change this... Fixed (or maybe I missed it?) !!!!!! Now there is a setting for the offset when importing into calendar... Thanks!!!!
Stuart Lecky review Stuart Lecky
Excellent app
This app is excellent for what I want. Just a few requests though. The ability to change the format of the episode count to be S#E#. Set my own time zone, I know I can offset by a set number of hours but not all shows need offset by the same amount. Lastly I'd like on the TV shows profile/listing for there to be a status indicator, letting us know whether the show is currently running/a returning series/ended/cancelled. The up and coming widget is completely blank and doesn't work for me unfortunately
Lukas Zero review Lukas Zero
Best client for tracking tv shows
Usual updates and haven't experienced any bugs so far. Great app!
Dorian Le Sénéchal review Dorian Le Sénéchal
Great UI, now quite fast, the dashboard feature is a welcomed addition... Could be the official Trakt app!
Tim Turner review Tim Turner
This is a terrible implementation currently, one to watch though.
Matt Parker review Matt Parker
Great App
Manager your collection of movies and episodes you want to watch or have watched. Connection to kodi allows instant changes to your lists, find a movie or episode on you phone and watch on kodi. Never lose you collections again. Nice!
steffen sulllivan review steffen sulllivan
Exactly what I needed
Simon Chow review Simon Chow
Calendar has a bit of issue
Very good app.. but doesn't update calendar properly when you add or delete a show.. need to switch off then back on then only will show changes..
Markus Maga review Markus Maga
App seems to be more stable these days, but it's really annoying that the feature to filter your TV series from the upcoming was removed. App kind of lost its use for me as I know have to scroll through every series I've dropped or not actively looking at..
Patric Karlström review Patric Karlström
Almost perfect
Have found a few minor scaling issues when scrolling in the lists but nothing major.. The only thing missing would be to hide watched movies in the watchlist.. Great work!
Peta Lombardi review Peta Lombardi
App is great when it works, I use it primarily for the calendar integration. I was having plex scrobble my watched shows to trakt, but then shows I don't need to know upcoming episodes for started showing up in the calendar. Cleared them off trakt but they keep showing up in the app. Created a new account and now nothing will sync.