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CatalApp 1.4.18 apk, update on 2017-12-19
Vols millorar la situació del català a comerços i establiments?
Catalapp és la nova aplicació mòbil creada per la Plataforma per la Llengua que permetrà valorar i comentar l'ús que es fa de la llengua catalana en l'atenció oral, escrita i virtual dels més d'1.500.000 de comerços i establiments geolocalitzats per l'aplicació arreu dels territoris de parla catalana.
Gràcies a la Catalapp, els consumidors podran saber quins comerços tenen una actitud més responsable amb l'ús del català. A més a més, també servirà per fer coneixedors els establiments amb pitjor valoració de la necessitat de millorar la seva política lingüística.
Com a consumidors, els catalanoparlants tenim dret de ser atesos en la nostra llengua. Descarrega't la CatalApp!

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CatalApp APK reviews

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Daniel Lopez review Daniel Lopez
Great idea! People should have the right to choose in which businesses they want to spend their money. Respect for the language is just one more criterion.
Jordi Timor review Jordi Timor
Maybe you could propose to tattoo a serial number on the skin of those who don't speak catalan. Or even better an app to show where there is someone who doesn't speak catalan so we won't talk to them.... You're disgusting
Dear readers: the people who describe this app as "nazi" are the biological or ideological heirs of the francoists, spanish ultranationalists who were precisely backed by the NAZIS and the fascists from Mussolini's Italy. Please, stop the miss information. We don't hate anyone, you do!. Peace and love for everyone in truly respecing each other culture. Thank you for reading this info.
Marko MadWolf review Marko MadWolf
An app used to discriminate people and businesses based on their language. They should put something like the David's star used by nazis to identify the Jews, but for Spanish or non Catalans people
Borja Aragón review Borja Aragón
Racist & discriminating
Pepe Perez review Pepe Perez
At first... a very simple app to locate stores appropriately. Then... you realize the fact that some people are using it to pin out some stores that do not agree some Catalanist principles of Independence. Enough to make the cat laugh... it is hailed by some who, nevertheless, will not use it but to point at those who want to feel free to speak Spanish in their own country, somehow criminalising them to feel a little bit better with their own kind, the ones that want everyone else feel they are true and pure. Notwithstanding this, their cultural level will show up as what it is. Very provincial, peasant-like... pointless. Thousand apps far better than this.
Alf Comps review Alf Comps
A truly fascist app. It helps the nazis to identify, isolate and probably later to destroy those labelled by them as "enemies".
Jose review Jose
App de corte nazi. Señalando a los que libremente no usan el catalán para tomar represalias.
Jose Diego Virues Gonzalez review Jose Diego Virues Gonzalez
Si quieres independencia iros de casa, como todo el mundo, y comprate una, porque España es de los españoles, subnormales.
Marc Nadal Ferret review Marc Nadal Ferret
It's fine that Catalan native speakers can report if they are treated badly. Good app
David Philips review David Philips
Uff nazi total. Que asco.
Claudi M. review Claudi M.
An app that tag businesses that use Catalan language in their customer relationship. Nothing else. People complaining that this is a "nazi" app have no idea of what "nazi" means. Nazis tagged people for being Jewish in order to chase and kill them. This app just lets you know where you can find businesses that use Catalan language. Period. Most of the complaints come from people that are fine with the concept of state/language, that is, people that identify their native language to their native state and, therefore, are against minorities.
Luca Pinna review Luca Pinna
Hard to believe that anything like this exists. It does not provide any other information or value other than if a business uses catalan language or not. If it does it is good rating despite it could be a crappy business. If it does not speak catalan than negative rating regardless if it's good. Comments like "that supermarket employs some people that do not speak catalan" followed by a sad emoticon. A shame that in 21st century still so many narrow-minded people create and use stuff like this only to discriminate. It is a good way of understanding the social and political situation in Catalonia though.
Marc Teixidó i San José review Marc Teixidó i San José
Té un punt bastant nazi. Imagina que fan una app per a evitar els establiments on atenen en català. Aquesta merda és innecessària i promou el boicot i la discriminació que la puta penya supercatalanista diu rebutjar. Per la resta, està bé.
Javier MP review Javier MP
Está aplicación debería estar retirada de la Google Play Store. Es una aplicación sectaria y xenófoba dónde las haya. Es una aplicación totalmente Nazi, ojalá sea retirada cuanto antes