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The HD Quality Voice Recorder with caller ID to easily record audio and sound

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Audio Recorder - Voice Memo description

Audio Recorder is the best recording app for Android. It is an easy-to-use audio recorder packed full of features. It also includes an intelligent built-in caller ID feature which allows you to easily make a quick recording following a phone call.

This powerful sound recording app provides high-quality HD recordings. As well as being great for recording voice memos, you can also record meetings, interviews, lectures, songs, and much more.

The digital recorder is extremely easy to use and offers many additional features to help improve your experience. A special shake mode gives you the option to stop or pause your recording by shaking your phone. You can adjust the sensitivity of the shake mode in the settings menu. You can then very easily save and name each recording once you have finished. You can always listen to your recordings and rename them at any time. You can also forward your recordings using email, SMS and other messaging and communications apps.

The audio recorder includes a fast caller identification feature which even identifies callers who are not in your contacts. Searching from a database of over 1 billion numbers, you will instantly know who is calling you. You will be able to detect spam calls, telemarketing and more. After each call, an information screen gives you details about the call, plus the option to make a recording using the call details on your screen.

Audio Recorder with Caller ID has many powerful features:

• Superb HD audio recording for voices, music and other audio.
• Simply tap the microphone to start and pause recordings.
• Click the stop button to save, name or delete the recording.
• Adjust the audio recording quality in the settings menu.
• Shake feature allows you to stop and pause recordings by shaking your phone.
• Sensitivity of the shake feature can be adjusted to fit your needs.
• Caller identification: Identifies callers in real time including those not in your contacts list.
• Make useful recordings directly from the call information screen.
• Useful ‘Player’ function lets you see and listen to all your recordings.
• Play, stop, pause, rename and delete your saved recordings.
• Set recording as default ringtone, notification or alarm (long click on recording to enable feature).
• Send and share your recordings by email, messaging apps and SMS.

This is the ultimate audio recording app! Making recordings has never been easier and you will enjoy the many great functions this app has to offer. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us - we are always happy to receive feedback.
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