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Start Your Imperial Life!

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Start as a Monarch! New Year, New Beginning!
The super-popular mobile game Call Me Emperor has new gameplay for your new year!
In the game, you will experience an immersive life in the ancient palace. You can have supreme power, encounter unforgettable beauties, collect competent ministers, and join various contests & events!

[Power Struggle]
Resolve dangerous power struggles, clear up obstacles and become the strongest!

[Romantic Harem]
Encounter girls in travel, capture their hearts with your charm, and enrich your love story!

[Interesting Parenting]
Bring up your chubby babies. They will share your burdens and help with your enormous empire.

[True Dragon Emperor]
Dragonization will be released. Complete Dragonization Challenges, unlock Qing Emperors' stories, and turn them into true dragons!

[Fine Clothes, Various Looks]
Consorts, Ministers have new skins. Your Costumes can be dyed any color you want!

[New Season]
Partake in Fight for Supremacy and fight other monarchs to prove your absolute domination!

[Fun Gameplay]
Start adventures in Mohist Maze and Penglai Island Domination, or enjoy happy moments with your harem in Palace Cuju and Jade for Beauty... Diverse and exciting imperial events await you.

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