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Call Log Monitor 2.1.0 apk, update on 2016-01-08
Fully featured Call Manager with Dialer, Contacts and Optimized Call History
Call Log Monitor is the most complete and stable Dialer & Call Log replacement app.

Take full control of your call history.

Call Log Monitor key features
◆ Optimized database for fast loading and organizing your Call Log.
◆ Browse, Group, Filter and Search the history. Instantly!
◆ Fast, intuitive Dialer with T9 search and Speed Dial.
◆ List of Contacts, Favorites and Frequent Contacts.
◆ Meaningful statistics, per contact and per entire call history.
◆ Fast switch between Dialer, Call History, Contacts and Favorites.
◆ Auto-delete call logs
◆ Insert fake calls to Call History
◆ Beautifully designed UI

Call Log Monitor PRO features (available for upgrade)
◆ Unlock Infinite Call History (recorded from the moment you installed v3.0+)
◆ Backup and Restore your Infinite Call Log
◆ Lots of color schemes.

Detailed list of features
Optimized Call Log
- Quickly Search all the Call History with an ultra-fast algorithm
- Group by Contact, Date, Call Direction; groups are Collapsible / Expandable
- Sort the call history by Contact, Date or Call Direction
- Remove unwanted calls easily by selecting one by one or an entire group
- Apply filters by entry type (voice call / text message), date interval or call direction
- Quick actions appear if contact photo is pressed
- Swipe left/right actions (call/text message)
- Quick search by phone number or by name using T9 keys
- Speed Dial buttons (long press to dial)
- Long press 1 to dial Voice Mail
- DTMS codes
List of Contacts
- Have easy access to all your contacts
- Quickly search by contact name
- Navigate through long contact lists using the letter scroll
- Quick actions pop if you tap the contact’s photo
- Swipe left/right actions (voice call/text message)
- Large Contact Photos
- Long Press to Call
- Tap once for Quick Actions
- Favorites group and Frequently called contacts
Auto delete text messages and call history entries
- Delete call log immediately after call ended
- Add contacts, groups or unsaved phone numbers to your message / call deletion rule
- Setting to keep deleted records (auto delete vault)
Fake Call from anyone to your call log
- Create fake calls into your history
- Use any contact, number, date, duration
- Select incoming, outgoing or missed for the type of fake call inserted into your call log
- Display relevant statistics for each user or for the entire call history
- Export log to CSV or XML file formats
- Password protected sensitive settings
- You can hide the app icon (Warning! Using this setting makes the app completely invisible. Dial #9999 to bring it to front again.)

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Call Log Monitor APK reviews

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Bojan Ercevic review Bojan Ercevic
I would like to see colapsed list with symbol of a last call for the contact. In this case I could easy go trough the list and search for a red symbol of a mised calls, on which I did not respond. I have too many calls and l am searching only for missed calls, without my responce, in order to call them back.
ICON BADGE PROBLEM I like this app. It's doing a great job. I am not able to see the icon badge when there is a missed call even if the switch is in on position. Hope you will rectify it
Gaurav Sachdeva review Gaurav Sachdeva
Using this app from last 2-3 years and very happy with it But from today facing an issue in logs it is not showing any Name only numbers are there. And showing nothing in contacts Tried to re-install the app but no luck Help me to resolve the issue
Sanjeeva Reddy. Kolamudi review Sanjeeva Reddy. Kolamudi
It's only displaying 550 logs. In my mobile the default value is 500. So by installing this i would get additional call log of 50. Not required for just to record 50 additinal call log . Waste if memory. Uninstalling it.
Tania Sarkar review Tania Sarkar
Moto X Play has a terrible call log manager. I came across this app after trying a few. This one has all that I wanted. You can customise it the way you want.
Sandi Foust review Sandi Foust
I love it! I work with about 50 families each month. Many times i make and receive calls while I am driving. This keeps track of every phone call and text. It is so helpful for documenting contacts.
Johanna Santos review Johanna Santos
The app is working as expected; however, the appearance and layout could use more work. The font size and icons are too large, and the screen looks crowded.
Samir Trivedi review Samir Trivedi
I had purchased Pro version of your App on 12th May 2016 from Play Store. After that i had to flash my mobile and app was removed. Now as you have renamed your app to Unlimited Call Log, I am no longer able to migrate to this version from Google Play Store. Kindly fix this and restore the purchase.
KVR Murthy review KVR Murthy
The developer does not respond to emails. Whereas 1Tap Cleaner developer responds instantly. There is no feature to select all contacts to disable call log . There is no feature to disable generating of frequently called list. I hv sent 3 mails so far and not a single reply by the developer.
Pratik Mahajan review Pratik Mahajan
Nice app. Only drawback is that we can't find contacts with other fields like company, nicknames etc.
Anil Kumar review Anil Kumar
Excellent App. Really does what it says. Anyway can you make an improvement. Can you add a additional features by merging 2 features Auto delete And fake call Soo that when I call it'll be replaced with another no.
Pratik Pawar review Pratik Pawar
Not able to see or filter SMS log... u can add this feature also in upcoming versions
harsh shah review harsh shah
So so so so many features and so user friendly. The flaw is let say I make three cals to same number Then I go in call log monitor and click on the same number...its shows me all three numbers dialed at what time... But some times when I long hold one of the number and click delete all log for this contact... It doesn't delete ... And it comes back to the same three dialed numbers which were shown earlier.... I think theres a bug out there
M P review M P
Uninstalled. Found much better app in Google Store, but I cannot do anything with the data I lost.
Savior Ho review Savior Ho
Hey bro, i'd send u an email asking for the solution due to error in your app. I thought upgrade to pro version would be solve the problem as it recommended by your app. The missing thing is the last log call didnt shown up. Keep showing the past call that already over run for a month. I ve knowledge and familiar good enough with my android ph so no crack or any harmfull software or apps had been installed into it for you to know. So it must be something wrong with your app.