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Bubble Struggle: Adventures
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Bubble Struggle: Adventures 1.76 apk, update on 2018-04-28
Game for all ages. It is challenging & fun. Collect all the golden fruit - and become the Bubble Master!

== Gameplay Features ==
• Play as Mr D - the devilish hero and climb the castle floors in 97 levels.
• Play with a friend in two player mode (via built-in WiFi or your bluetooth controller).
• As you climb the castle you will reclaim the golden fruit and ultimately ... complete the game! How satisfying is that?
• Compete with players from around the world for the highest score.
• Addictive gameplay from the author of the original Bubble Struggle games.

== Bubble Struggle History ==
Before coming to mobile, Bubble Struggle (originally Bubble Trouble) was first published as an online game in 2002. Now the sequel is finally on mobile!

== Support ==
• Please email with any feedback. I look forward to reading and replying to you.

Bubble Struggle: Adventures APK reviews

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Mansi Bansal review Mansi Bansal
It is a very nice game . I am almost addicted to it and complete all the levels ...yeahh.......
Andrew Dyck review Andrew Dyck
Before the latest update game was awesome! 5 stars. New update is terrible. Game play is awful and new cost of coins to extend playing when you die is too expensive. This update has made me stop playing now
Kadisha Payne review Kadisha Payne
Why can't I connect the 2nd player?
Robert Mihart review Robert Mihart
I first loved it. But the latest updated ruined it...the gameplay is drastically limited to a very annoying joystick. And you cannot change it back (bug I guess ?). Ever heard about "if it ain't broke don't fix it" ? Apparently not. 1 star. Don't bother to install. Try other, better versions.
Yash Sharma review Yash Sharma
Very bad Controllers....????
Sumit Garg review Sumit Garg
Last level..?? Addicted too much. Please bring some more levels just like other games.
Aarish Ali Shah review Aarish Ali Shah
Some thing wrong
Edmond Llapi review Edmond Llapi
Very good game
islamic information review islamic information
very puzzl game
A Google user review A Google user
Is rubbish
My Tube Jango review My Tube Jango
Jango game
gabriela shehu review gabriela shehu
It was better before update, can't get used to new controls. I really liked the game but unfourtunately I'm gonna uninstall. ?
Paul Costa review Paul Costa
The Real Schuyler Martin review The Real Schuyler Martin
Need the slide back otherwise the game is utterly useless. Use to be my go to game until you completely ruined it
Loved the old version of it,. Becase of the new controls some levels have become impossible to win. Loved this game but unfortunately gonna uninstall because of the new controls.

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