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Bubble Shooter 2
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Bubble Shooter 2 1.9 apk, update on 2018-07-12
POP, POP AND POP AGAIN in this Bubble Shooting, fun filled follow up to the classic Bubble Shooter. There are more than 800 levels filled with Bubbles, Boosts and Bombs. You goal is to use the properties of the bubbles and boosts to match at least 3 colored bubbles, complete the level and earn three stars. Can you do it? There are over 800 to complete. With Awesome Power ups and boosts!

✪ Fireball – pop 7 bubbles in a row. It’ll burn every bubble on the way
✪ Bomb – drop 10 bubbles or more. It’ll explode all surrounding bubbles
Encounter these awesome bubbles:
✪ Stone Bubble – you can’t pop it but you sure can drop it
✪ Chained bubbles - you have to break its chains before you can pop it
✪ Slime Bubble – fear the slime, can it be contained?
✪ Diamond Bubble – only bomb and fire bubbles can help on this one

Are you ready to take your place in the bubble popping pantheon? Try it out now! It’s Free!

All rights of Bubble Shooter™ are owned by Ilyon Dynamics Ltd.

Bubble Shooter 2 APK reviews

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Tim Andrews review Tim Andrews
patel dikshita review patel dikshita
Game is nice but I lost all my played level after connecting with fb. Very disappointed. Ads on every level is irritating.
Melisa Beauvais review Melisa Beauvais
Bubble Pop World Tournament
Good bubble tournament. I am still in lower levels so I don't know how challenging it gets. I like the game.
Irene Rice review Irene Rice
mesmerizing, relaxing, entertaining
Gabriel mboma review Gabriel mboma
Like Amazing and simple more than boring killer
Caroline Barton review Caroline Barton
Fun ,relaxing, great time passer. Need more games like this please.
Joyce Ingle review Joyce Ingle
Bubble shooter 2
It is very good and fun you don't know where you are going
Chelsea Bentley review Chelsea Bentley
Adverts in an annoying place.
The band f advertising at the top of the page is annoying, and it means you are unable to restart the level unless you exit the game and reenter it. The adverts were better at the bottom.
Jo-ann Travelstead review Jo-ann Travelstead
I used to be totally addicted to this game, but I now have an s@#$-load of pop-ups. Not only that, but being an epileptic, the flashing of these pop-ups are a particular problem for me. My previous rating was 5 stars, but now I can no longer play and will have to remove it from my phone. What a shame.
Ray Archer review Ray Archer
Conveniently crashes after paying for more bubbles...
Good time waster but I am suspicious of the game crashing almost as soon as I spend gems to get 5 more bubbles can't help but wonder if this is by design. Will not be buying any further gems until this is fixed
Paula Hawkins review Paula Hawkins
Only started this a few days ago and like it to fill in gaps when I'm bored. Until I thought shall I connect it to my Facebook and when I did it's taken me right bk to the beginning. Don't really want to do all the levels I've already done.
JP Huller review JP Huller
Good time waster, fun simple play. Ignore everything related to collecting jewels. They push you some to buy more, but they aren't actually used for anything.
anne F review anne F
Great way to pass the time
Great that you don't have to worry about lives but some levels are way too hard and now I have lost all my diamonds and don't know why.
Nancy Fancy review Nancy Fancy
The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because after the update, the free gifted balls don't connect to the commercial to be able to receive the free balls!! Sometimes it does... Soooo frustrating!
A Google user review A Google user
recent update is AWFUL. can't get rid of it! went from 5 star to 1 star!