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Bubble Bot Shooter
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Bubble Bot Shooter 2.0 apk, update on 2018-03-07
Play the classic and fun bubble shooter and pop all the bubbles in space! Join the cosmic adventure today, travel across the galaxy, visit other planets and find out if there is life in Mars. Explore thousands of galactic levels packed with awesome bubbles and starry challenges. Solve all the space puzzles and collect little toy bots in order to get back to earth safely.

Plan your path carefully and pop your way to victory!

* Match at least 3 bubbles of the same color to pop the combination and clear the space board.
* Aim and pop bubbles to win levels
* Win all the levels by popping all the bubbles in limited shots
* Collect the Toy Bots and Win
* Over 1300 handcrafted cosmic levels
* Fun and addictive challenges and puzzlers to train the brain
* Pop 7 bubbles in a row to get a Fireball
* Drop 10 bubbles in a single shot and a Bomb will take out the bubbles.
* Accurate laser aiming
* Switching bubbles is free

All rights of Bubble Shooter™ are owned by Ilyon Dynamics Ltd.

Bubble Bot Shooter APK reviews

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Mark Sly review Mark Sly
Loved the old version. Can't stand the updated version. And to top it off, no new levels in the update.
Damyan Petkov review Damyan Petkov
Greate game but it has only 1000 levels.
Bonny Ward review Bonny Ward
I like the other one 10 times better, why did you have to change something that was already perfect???
A Google user review A Google user
So interesting
A Google user review A Google user
This is a very nice game. I like it
Shabbir Dada review Shabbir Dada
Nice game
A Google user review A Google user
Really love this game
A Google user review A Google user
Very nice game and full time entertainment
Thomas Naylor review Thomas Naylor
I love it
Ilangovan B review Ilangovan B
Slow and boring
William Obeng review William Obeng
dillon rebello review dillon rebello
It's a very good app
Kerwin Yarde review Kerwin Yarde
Good idea about the game
Ajaykumar Singh review Ajaykumar Singh
martha fuentes review martha fuentes