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⚡️ fast conversations with really real-time typing and fun bopping

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242 ratings

Bop Me | BopMe description

Bop is a messaging app where you can see what your friends are typing while they type. Instead of seeing the typing indicator, you can see what each other are typing in real-time. No more waiting for that text back!

You can also send emojis and gifs to react to messages, and “bop” your friends so that they know to join the chat. You can chat with one person or in a group chat with up to 15 people.

Why we built Bop

We built Bop to create an authentic and genuine experience for messaging. Even though we are more “connected” than ever today, sometimes technology can also make us feel isolated. When you use Bop, it feels like being together, even though you’re apart.

Contact Us

We’re a small team, and we love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. You can contact us at [email protected]
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