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About this product

Where skilled workers find jobs & connect with others in the trades

BoomNation description

Join the thousands of other skilled workers who have found community and work opportunities through BoomNation. The app allows you to find applicable content, communicate with employers, and search jobs within your specific field of work. Show off your skills, rep the trades and start viewing hot jobs within seconds.

BoomNation helps you take control of your career by applying to the best jobs, promoting your skills and connecting with others in the trades. The easy-to-use mobile app helps in-demand, skilled workers find new work opportunities and apply quickly through the app. It’s time to get to work!

How it works:
Create a profile that shows off your skills
Connect with friends who share the same interests as you
Search job opportunities
Apply to jobs directly through the app
Communicate privately with employers
Advance your career and rep the trades

Search for location-based job opportunities
Filter your job search by location, industry, trade, pay and per diem
Find insights and relevant information from other skilled workers on the newsfeed
Connect with fellow skilled workers based on mutual interest
Customize your profile to find work, show off your skills and market yourself
Communicate privately with other workers on the platform
Message employers directly after applying for a job

Your privacy is very important to us. Learn more about our privacy policy (https://app.termly.io/document/privacy-policy/0d62f17c-0f44-49df-8d58-c20a4937d4ee).

Questions, comments, feedback? We’d be honored to hear from you about how to make the BoomNation app better! - The BoomNation Team [email protected]
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