BoBoiBoy: Ejojo Attacks APK

BoBoiBoy: Ejojo Attacks
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BoBoiBoy: Ejojo Attacks 1.22 apk, update on 2017-05-24
Ejojo and Adudu attack again! They are sending their forces to defeat us, level by level, more and more! BoBoiBoy needs to defend our town and keep all minions away from our home! Another epic clash is unfolding. Make use of different powers and items to save the world together with BoBoiBoy and his friends!
★ 4 different BoBoiBoy powers available in game
★ Infinite number of stages
★ Facebook sharing and friends leaderboard
★ Unlock 18 awesome stickers in the collection area

BoBoiBoy: Ejojo Attacks APK reviews

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Nurliyana Erisya review Nurliyana Erisya
Okey cantiklah
Game ni gempak gila walaupun saya ni girl tapi saya seronok sangat please download game ni best.
Kelly Kelly review Kelly Kelly
G monsta .. masuk kan la game boboboi real fighting punya.. baru gempak..
adiel lolz29 review adiel lolz29
Mcm mne nk masok game die terkeluar sendiri
Akmal Chichi review Akmal Chichi
Saya tak sabar main game ni
kakngah shila review kakngah shila
Saya tengok boboiboy dalam youtube
Reiner Raphael Rudianto review Reiner Raphael Rudianto
Kolo ga download bego
Yesha Ann Glifonea review Yesha Ann Glifonea
All you do is tap the enemie i mean seriosly
Aikall Iman review Aikall Iman
Ape pasal download lpstu x bleh maen... Ish
Sphoenixz 00 review Sphoenixz 00
BOBOIBOY have 7 elements. It's Halilintar,Taufan,GEMPA,Blaze,ICE,Thorn and Solar.But this game have 5 elements only.
William Fichtner review William Fichtner
Its so good
Ayiem Farul review Ayiem Farul
indra lupus review indra lupus
Kemuncak Gemilang review Kemuncak Gemilang
BoB BO Vgghhh
cristian santos review cristian santos
thes game so boring dot download its like akid playing
Hoàng Vũ Nguyễn review Hoàng Vũ Nguyễn
I love this game so much. Thanks you for giving me this game