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Personalised Birthday management application which syncs birthdays from Facebook

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572 ratings

Birthday Calendar description

Never forget Birthdays of your friends and family ever with the Birthday Calendar Application. This application syncs all the birthdays from your FB account and lets you wish them in a single tap. You can also wish them on WhatsApp if you allow Contacts permission to the application. (Note: If the name of a person in facebook account matched exactly with the name in your contact then the application will automatically link that contact with the birthday, else you have to manually link contact from the profile screen)

Key features:

• Home Screen Widget for quick reminder
You can add the widget to your home screen. Using this widget you can directly wish your friends via WhatsApp, Messenger, SMS or call, without opening the application.
Note: There are some launchers which don't allow any third party widget, so it won’t work for them.

• Links the contact with birthday automatically
This application will automatically link the contacts with your account’s birthdays if the name matched. If the name is not the same then you have to manually link the contact from the Profile Screen. Also the application will need permission to read contacts from the device.

• Directly wish via WhatsApp, Call or SMS
No need of doing the tedious task of opening Facebook application to see the birthdays and then finding them in your WhatsApp application to wish them. Instead you can also wish people directly on WhatsApp using this application.
Note: If contacts permission is denied or there is no WhatsApp account for a number this feature won’t work.

• App Lock for security
This application provides a built in App Lock to secure your account and your account’s birthdays. You can use either PIN or Fingerprint (if present) for authentication.

• Set default birthday wish message
Forget typing the long birthday wish again and again for all the birthdays, instead you can set the default birthday wish and the application will handle your pain of typing.

• Mark birthdays as favourites
We all have few friends and family members who are special to us. You can mark them as favourites and check the list of your favourites by simply applying the filter on the Home Screen.

• Wear OS support
You can also have all your birthdays on your Wearable. Just install the app on your Wearable, pair it with your mobile device, and sync all your birthdays to your wearable. It will also contain a tile for a quick look at today's birthdays. It only supports WearOS 3+

• Read contacts - to link the birthdays to the contacts saved in your phone
• Internet - to sync the birthdays from your Facebook account. The application can run without internet after the birthdays are synced

Privacy Policy:
Your data is completely secure. This application won’t send any of your personal data out of your device instead it stores your account’s birthdays locally on your device.

Many new features are coming to this application soon. So stay tuned for the updates 🙂
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